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Guiding your success

The Advising, Retention and Career Center exists on campus to provide centralized support for students.

We are here to help with creating your four-year graduation plan, selecting your major, staying on track and connecting with a faculty member who can assist you with your academic goals, any post-baccalaureate plans and immersion opportunities. Not only is our center focused on your academic goals, but we also focus on your career goals. You’ll get assistance with finding internships, creating your resume and more. If you have a question and aren't sure where to go for help, your advisor is a good person to start with. Our vision for UW-Eau Claire students is as follows:

  • Students will have a greater connection to campus and fields of study.
  • Students will graduate in a timely manner.
  • Students will leave with a portfolio of knowledge, skills and experiences that take them beyond their goals and aspirations.

The Advising, Retention and Career Center mission is to empower our students for academic and professional success.

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