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What is a degree audit?

A degree audit matches the courses students have taken or are enrolled in to graduation requirements based on the catalogue they are following, the degree being pursued and the program(s) selected.

Students receive degree audits via email prior to priority registration (the third week in October and the second week in March). Student may request a new degree audit through "MyBlugold" at any time. The degree audit is sent to the student's email address.

How can a faculty member get a degree audit for an advisee?

Faculty can request a degree audit via MyBlugold CampS for any student with a major or minor in the department. It is delivered to the faculty member's email account almost instantly.

What is a "what if degree audit" and how does a student obtain one?

A "what if" degree audit matches the students course work against a major the student is considering, but has not yet declared. The computer "pretends" the student has declared the major. It is an excellent way for a student who is considering changing majors to determine how the course work already taken would fit in with the new program.

What if degree audits are obtained via "MyBlugold CampS"

  1. From the UW-Eau Claire home page, click on "MyBlugold"
  2. After signing in, choose "MyBlugold CampS," then "Self Service," then "Advisor Center," then "My Advisees"
  3. Select the advisee from the list by clicking on "View Student Details"
  4. In the drop down menu that says 'other academic.......," select "Degree Audit" and click on the double blue arrow to the right to proceed with the selection.
  5. Select "what-if degree audit' and provide the information requested. Multiple programs can be selected or the catalog year can be changed.
  6. Once the request is submitted, the degree audit is emailed to your UWEC e-mail.  This process could take a few minutes.

Is there help available to interpret the degree audit?  

The degree audit includes links to web-based information to help faculty and students interpret the degree audit.


While advisers probably most often use a printed copy of the degree audit, it is important for the student to get used to using the web-based version on-line.

  • The key to the degree audit is actually a separate link
  • Instructions for registering that used to be emailed to them, are now a link
  • Specific courses listed on the degree audit link to course descriptions in the on-line catalogue
  • There are links to department offices, the on-line Catalogue and the Class Schedule


When viewing a degree audit in web-mail, the email system our students use, one has to click on the "unblock content" message at the top. (It appears in purple within the red banner at the top). If this is not done, none of the symbols will appear. This makes it very difficult to use the degree audit with a student.