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POLICY: Students are permitted to repeat courses taken at UW-Eau Claire for which they received a grade only and only if the grade is C- or lower. Additional repeats must be authorized by a dean of the College.


When a grade can be replaced: If the initial course grade was C- or lower, the course may be repeated once for a replacement grade. The second grade replaces the first in the grade point average, even if the second grade is lower.

  • If the student repeats a course in which he/she has received a passing grade and receives an "F," the student will no longer receive the credit.

Grade basis: A course must be repeated on the same grading basis (S/U or a letter grade) as the initial enrollment.

What appears on the transcript: All grades, both initial and repeat, will appear on the student's transcript.  However, the PeopleSoft degree audit will go back to the semester of the first attempt and take the credits away from the semester total and recalculate the semester G.P.A. without that course.

Courses taken elsewhere: Courses taken at another institution for which a grade of C- or lower was received may be retaken here. The grade received here will replace the first grade in the total grade point average.

Academic Distinction: A student whose semester grade point average includes a repeated course is not eligible for inclusion on the Vice Chancellor's Academic Distinction list or the dean's list for that semester.

Financial Aid implications: Repeated courses count toward making a student full time for financial aid purposes. However, repeating courses can have implications for financial aid eligibility for the following year.

Athletic eligibility: A repeated degree credit course counts toward full-time status for athletic eligibility, but not toward the 24 credits needed for eligibility the following year (unless the course was failed the first time).


  • For students with negative academic standing, repeating courses for a replacement grade is often the fastest way to return to good standing.
  • A student should have a reasonable chance of doing significantly better in the class before repeating it. Sometimes it is best for a student to do remedial work before repeating a course (particularly in Math and English).
  • Repeating more than one course at a time, while sometimes necessary, can lead to a lack of motivation, caused by a sense of "deja vu."