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The LTS Help Desk is the front line of support regarding learning and technology services. They coordinate the referral of faculty, student and staff questions to the appropriate resources. Help is available through: 

  • telephone
  • email 
  • walk-in consultations

Contact us if you have questions regarding:

  • verifying legitimate emails 
  • pop-ups
  • help with Word, Excel, or PowerPoint
  • setting up email on your phone
  • password assistance
  • logging in

LTS Outages


Important Announcements

Did you receive this email and wonder if it is legitimate? This IS phishing!
Forward messages like this to for verification

Phishing Example on 1/24/2018

Phishing example 1-19-2018

Every month, LTS (Learning and Technology Services) updates the University network servers, desktops and workstations to keep our network systems secure. Two months ago, we pushed out a security patch to all university-owned computers that protected the University from the current "WannaCry" cyber attack that affected many organizations and institutions around the world.

In the unlikely event that you ever receive a surprise notice on your computer about locked or encrypted files, immediately call the LTS Help Desk at 715-836-5711. 

Cyber criminals often target individual email accounts with phishing email attacks, odd, urgent requests with strange file attachments from sources you may know. That's why we depend on every member of the UW-Eau Claire community to participate in cyber security by educating yourself on common phishing email attacks. 

If an email looks "phishy," it probably is. Delete the email and move along. If the sender is someone you would normally trust, send them a new message requesting clarity on the suspicious message.

As of January 9, 2017, Learning and Technology Services will be enforcing the new password requirements started by UW-System. The following email was sent out:

The UW System Board of Regents and President Ray Cross have approved five information technology policies as of October 2016, written by the UW Information Assurance Council. These policies can be viewed online. LTS is working on the implementation of these policies. Several of the implementations, to be enforced beginning Jan. 8, relate to authentication systems and passwords. See UW System's Information Security: Authentication page for more details.

  • Passwords will be set to expire every 180 days (so if you changed it January 1st you would have to change it again around July 1st)
  • UW-System will require passwords of a minimum of 12 characters in length with three of the four uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters "~!@#$^&%*()" to access university-owned computers.  We are calling them passphrases and suggesting people use a short sentence that they can remember.
  • After 7 incorrect password attempts your account will be locked out for 30 minutes
  • Your computer will lock after 30 minutes of inactivity

LTS Computer Purchasing

LTS is bringing out a new way to purchase computers and printers here on campus. Please see the LTS Consulting webpage to learn more about the new computer and printer purchasing process.