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Cross-Functional Teams in LTS

Cross-functional teams in LTS conjoin IT work with operational functions like security, EDI, project management, and more. These teams provide specialized focus to improve your IT experience at UWEC.

Communications Team

Technology + Communications

This team works closely with LTS staff to craft and deliver technology related communication like changes, updates, and other technology news.

Communication team goals:

  • For every Blugold to know what LTS is
  • Establish unquestionable value to university strategic goals and initiatives
  • To build a technology conscious student body
  • Present LTS as a premier campus employer for students with valuable experiential learning opportunities
  • Establish a positive reputation
  • Emphasize the importance of people within our organization, and how LTS builds dynamic, responsive, and innovative skill sets

To be the voice of technology on campus.


To bring engaging, effective, and explicit communication to LTS stakeholders.

Cybersecurity Team

Technology + Security

Led by Steve Ranis, this team focuses on bringing the best and most up-to-date cybersecurity practices to campus.  Working closely with UW System, this group implements campus-wide cybersecurity initiatives. In addition, the Cybersecurity group works with campus stakeholders to complete security trainings, promotes/educates on safe cybersecurity practices, and more.

LTS Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Team

Technology + EDI

In support of the University's strategic plan, and in putting action to LTS's commitment to EDI, this team identifies various areas and opportunities for EDI improvement within LTS for both students and staff. The team's current project is focused on improving LTS hiring practices with EDI in mind.

Team goals: 

  • Improve LTS hiring practices with EDI in mind
  • Solicit EDI-related feedback from LTS staff and students
  • Seek additional opportunities to implement EDI practices
  • Voice our unwavering support for the EDI initiative
  • Serve as an example for EDI best practices in an IT Department

LTS Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Statement:

In Learning & Technology Services (LTS), we support the mission of practicing exceptional recruitment and mentoring by offering valuable high impact practices for staff and student employees from all backgrounds and experiences.  We are committed to identifying and implementing ways in which this department contributes to the EDI Charge.

EDI is commitment. EDI is action. EDI is excellence.


To create an EDI conscious IT Department that values and acknowledges differences as assets.


 To implement EDI best practices throughout our department.

Project Management Office (PMO)

Technology + Project Management

Led by Tom Sulzer, the PMO office offers project management best practices to LTS initiatives to ensure successful launches and limited impact on campus stakeholders. This group coordinates with all other groups within LTS to develop project charters, processes and change management tactics.

PMO decorative

To work cooperatively with departments to achieve a best possible outcome for all projects no matter the size.


To provide best practice-based Project Management tools, templates, and guidance to increase project success through a "best-fit" approach.

Women + in Technology

Technology + Women and gender minorities

Women+ in Technology is a joint and collaborative effort to provide a platform for all women working in technology to meet, share resources and forge connections. This group invites women in technology who are faculty/staff, student employees, and women members of student led technology organizations.

Team goals: 

  • Highlight accomplishments of the profession
  • Integrate and include all women working in and/or pursuing degrees/careers in technology
  • Share and synthesize insights
  • Connect to campus resources, and subject-matter-experts
  • Learn through lectures, workshops, and networking in a shared setting
  • Highlight efficient and effective practices

Women+ in Technology EDI Statement

This group believes and is committed to the collective voices of our members, diversity in numbers, and abundant information sharing. We welcome all women, womyn, womban, woman, and LGBTQ+.


We empower, inspire, and support each other to grow together.


To provide a platform for a living knowledge base, inclusiveness, networking, mentoring, and empowerment.

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