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Davies Center is the in-person polling site for University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire on-campus students. Students who live in upper campus residence halls reside in Ward 20.

Students living off campus can find their voting locations at

  • Your UW-Eau Claire student ID (Blugold Card) is Wisconsin Voter ID Compliant as long as it includes your signature. Poll workers will check to see that name on your photo ID matches your legal name as it appears in the poll book. Even if your Blugold Card shows your preferred name on the front, know that your legal name is printed on the back above the signature box.
  • You may still use your Blugold Card if it has expired, but you must also bring a document proving your current enrollment at the university. Students may download a voter verification form from MyBlugold CampS that provides proof of enrollment and your current local address. This form also can be used as proof of residency when registering to vote. See the Voter Verification Instructions for downloading the form and note that your pop-up blocker must be disabled to load the document on Apple devices. If the dorm address is not listed and the local address is not correct (e.g. with off-campus housing), go back to Profile and update mailing address to current address. This will update the Voter Verification Form so that the address displayed matches the registration form. 
  • Electronic ID's are not acceptable forms of voter identification.  Students who do not have a phyiscal Blugold ID card can obtain a free voter compliant ID card from the Blugold Card Office (located on the first floor of the Davies Center) during regular business hours. 

For comprehensive information on voting in Wisconsin, please visit the Wisconsin Elections Commission website.




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