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Non Federal Employment FAQ

What is Non-Federal Student Employment?

Non-Federal Student Employment allows students to work on-campus under university-funded student employment. This employment is NOT based on need and is intended to allow students to earn money to help pay for their educational expenses and encourages students to gain valuable career-related experience.

How do I become eligible for the Non-Federal Student Employment?

Any UW-Eau Claire student is eligible for Non-Federal Student Employment. A student is considered to be anyone enrolled for at least one credit.

How do I locate a Non-Federal job?

Current UW-Eau Claire student employment opportunities are posted on the Job Board.  In addition, a Student Employment Job Fair is held at the beginning of fall semester.

How many hours can I work?

Student workers may work up to a maximum of 25 hours per week during the Academic Year (as defined by Academic Planning Statement No. 4 (ACPS-4) page 15).  A student worker's hours will be combined for all appointments at an Institution, and if a student worker holds appointments at more than one Institution, those hours of service will also be combined.  Hours credited toward Federal Work Study do  NOT count toward the weekly maximum "25-hours per week" threshold.

How will I be paid?

In most positions, students are paid hourly for the work they perform. Timesheets are submitted to Payroll biweekly by the employer. In a few positions, such as Residence Hall Advisors, students are paid on a salaried basis.Students will have their payments directly deposited to their savings or checking accounts. Direct deposit forms can be completed by accessing