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About Your Work-study Award

Students who are eligible for work-study will receive it in their financial aid package, but it is not like other financial aid awards. These funds will not be directly applied to your university account balance. Under work-study, you will earn a paycheck based on the hours you work and your paycheck will be directly deposited into your bank account.

Think of work-study as earning potential. If you are offered work-study, you can apply for a job on campus, or potentially apply with one of our off-campus sites. Once a you start earning a paycheck from your work-study job, you can earn up to the amount of your work-study award that was listed in your financial aid package.

How to Use Your Work-Study Award

Step 1

Go to Handshake to search for available job openings at UW-Eau Claire.

  • You can apply for any work-study position at UWEC to obtain your work-study funds. Most work-study positions are on-campus, although there are a limited number of community service work-study positions available in the local community.

NOTE: You are only allowed you to earn the amount available to you through your work-study allocation. Once you reach your allocation amount, you may have to stop working. Some positions may be able to switch your employment status to non-federal after you have used your work-study allocation to allow you to continue to work in the position. Contact your work-study supervisor to discuss your options. If you have questions about finding work-study positions, please contact the Advising, Retention and Career Center for assistance.

Step 2

Set up direct deposit for your paycheck as a student employee. Complete the direct deposit form available on the Student Employees page.

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