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Get crucial work experience as a student

As a student, you might feel like you're doing all you can to go to classes, keep up with homework and have some kind of social life. But did you know that having a part-time job has been shown to help students do better in school and stay in school? And who couldn't use the extra money, right? Working on campus can be a great way to meet new people, gain experience, and pay for the expenses of college. UWEC has jobs across the university including office assistants, residence life employees, cafeteria workers and many more. 

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  • You're Hired! Now What?

    Before your first day

    Prior to your start date, you will need to complete new employee paperwork online. To do this, you will receive 2 emails:

    Email 1: I9 email through HireRight
    • Section 1 - complete section 1 online with the link in the HireRight email.
    • Section 2 - Provide original documents showing proof of citizenship. Eau Claire campus students can stop into the ASK Center in Schofield 230 and Barron County students can stop into Megger 155 or contact Laura Holden at

    Find the complete list of acceptable documents here: Form I-9 Acceptable Documents | USCIS. Some examples:

      • Photo ID and original or state issued birth certificate OR
      • Photo ID and social security card OR
      • Passport/passport card

    Please do not email paperwork or personal information. 


    Email 2: Electronic Criminal background check (CBC) through HireRight.
    • The CBC invitation will expire after 5 days, please access the link prior to expiration. Once completed, the CBC can take several days to process. 
    On your first day

    Congratulations! You've started your new position. Now it's time to update your payroll information. To update your payroll forms, you will need to access the payroll tile in your MyUW account. NOTE: You will not be able to access your MyUW portal until you have been hired in the system or your start date. 

    Your payroll forms will include your direct deposit, and tax forms (W4s). If you do not complete your direct deposit prior to your first paycheck, you will receive a US Bank Focus Card in lieu of direct deposit at the mailing address on your employee file. The Focus Card will arrive in a plain white envelope from US Bank and can be mistaken for junk mail. 

    During the semester, students can work a maximum of 25 hours a week and international students can work a maximum of 20 hours per week. In the summer, students can work 40 hours per week during one of the 84-day calendars listed below. 

    More Information:
    International Students

    A social security number is required for employment in the U.S. to track an employee's wages for benefits eligibility and tax-reporting requirements. International students planning on being employed should apply for a social security number 10 days after arrival in the U.S. and no earlier than 30 days prior to employment start date (J-visa holders may be able to apply earlier). The Center for International Education will supply a form instructing students how to apply.

    All foreign nationals being paid through UW payroll need a Glacier account so we may determine the correct way to report and tax the income we pay you. Nonresident aliens and resident aliens need to keep their Glacier accounts up to date. When your position is entered, you will receive additional emails from Glacier with directions to log into the Glacier software. Once your forms are completed, you will need to turn them into the ASK CenterNot completing your Glacier paperwork could result in taxes being withheld from your next paycheck at an incorrect rate.

    More Information:
    I already completed a criminal background check and I9, do I need to complete another one? 

    No, if you have already completed your new hire paperwork for another position, and if the criminal background check is within 4 years and there has not been a break from work for over a year, another will not need to be run.

    Why can't I access my MyUW portal?

    Employees will not have access to their MyUW portal until their start date. If their position hasn't been entered until after their start date, they will not be able to access their MyUW portal until their job is entered. 

    I've completed all of my new hire paperwork, is there anything else I need to do? 

    Once you have brought in your employee verification for the I9, and your CBC has been returned as passed, your supervisor will need to complete a request to hire you in the system. 

    I just graduated - can I continue working? 

    Students are eligible to work until their last day of enrollment or graduation, whichever comes first. If you want to continue working, you will need to be hired into an LTE position.

    I did not receive one or both of my HireRight emails - what do I do?

    HireRight can be flagged as spam so be sure to check your spam/junk folders. If you still cannot locate the emails, it is possible they were sent to the incorrect email address. Reach out to Human Resources to get the links resent. 

    How many hours can I work?

    During the semester a student can only work 25 hours a week between all positions. International students can only work 20 hours a week between all positions. During summer and winter breaks, students can work up to 40 hours a week.

    Who do I contact if I have questions? 

    If you have questions, you can reach out to the Human Resources department at or 715.836.3131

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