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Get crucial work experience as a student

As a student, you might feel like you're doing all you can to go to classes, keep up with homework and have some kind of social life. But did you know that having a part-time job has been shown to help students do better in school and stay in school? And who couldn't use the extra money, right?

Working on Campus

Working on campus can be a great way to meet new people, gain experience, and pay for the expenses of college. UWEC has jobs across the university including office assistants, residence life employees, cafeteria workers and many more. 

  1. Explore job opportunities on Handshake using your UWEC login and password.
  2. Apply for a campus job by following the instructions listed in the posting.
  3. Once hired you will receive 3 emails:

            Email 1: I9 email through Hire Right

      • Section 1 of I9 - student completes online
      • Section 2 of I9 - In-person, provide original documents showing proof of citizenship at the ASK Center in Schofield Hall Room 230 or at Barron County, Meggers, Room 154
        • Original Passport, Social Security Card & Driver's License, Birth Certificate, OR Blugold ID card (Click I9 Acceptable Documents to see other options.)

            Email 2: Electronic Criminal background check through Hire Right.

            Email 3: Instruction to enter their own direct deposit and withholding information.  This is done through the link: MyUW Personal Portal

Forms must be completed and submitted prior to beginning work.  Paperwork can be submitted, in person, at the ASK Center in Schofield 230 or in Barron County at Megger 109. Bring your  Drivers License, Blugold ID, and paperwork for verification. DO NOT EMAIL PAPERWORK OR PERSONAL INFORMATION!!

Please contact the Human Resources office at UW- Eau Claire Human Resources or call (715) 836-3131

Summer 2023 84 Day Work Schedule

2022-2023 Student Employee Payroll Calendar

Help desk student workers

Student Employment

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Students make their way through Garfield avenue on lower campus.

Payroll and benefits at UWEC

Human Resources wants to help you make sense of all the forms, decisions and information surrounding payroll and benefits. Rely on their expertise!

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