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Accept or decline all or portions of your financial aid award

Find out how to accept or decline your financial aid award. It is important that you understand the type of award offered to you.

Step 1

You will log in to CampS to review your financial aid award. Use this documentation on how to access your award in CampS:

Accessing your award

Step 2

Make sure to review and understand each portion of your financial aid award. Your award may consist of a combination of various types of loans, grants, and work-study. Make sure you review and understand the terms of any loans being offered before accepting or declining those loans. If you have any questions, please contact Blugold Central.

There are different types of loans you may be offered, and it is important to review the terms of each of the loans. You also may have received grant funds on your financial aid package. Grant funds are gift assistance and do not have to be repaid.  Because these are gift assistance, we assume you will want the grants and you do not have to actively accept them.

Work study is a little more complicated. If you received a work-study award in your financial aid package, these funds will not be directly applied to your university account balance. Under work-study, you will earn a paycheck based on the hours you work and your paycheck will be directly deposited into your bank account.  A work-study award allows you to apply for work-study jobs and you may earn up to the amount indicated on your award. Student employment positions are posted on Handshake, and you may apply for any student employment position. It is your choice whether or not you earn under work study. 

Find out more about work study

Step 3

Within CampS, you will choose to accept or decline any loans offered. After the loan is accepted, you can reduce the loan amount, if you will not need the full loan.

NOTE: Financial aid disburses to student accounts beginning the first week of each semester in most cases.

Step 4

If you elect to accept any Direct Loan on your financial aid package, you will need to sign an electronic master promissory note and complete entrance counseling before you will receive those funds.

Step 5

If the aid you received does not cover your costs, make sure you take a look at the following options for additional funding:

If you have any questions about this information above, please contact Blugold Central.

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