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Encourage Your Students to Visit the Center for Writing Excellence

The Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) is a free resource for all writers at UWEC. A staff of more than 50 skilled writers from all disciplines are on hand to provide individual writing support at any stage of any writing project-from brainstorming and idea mapping to thesis development and improving clarity. Writing Assistants focus on systemic issues like organization and argumentation, so it's best to visit early in the writing process.

As you get ready for a visit to the CWE:

  • Bring a written copy of the assignment
  • Know your instructor's expectations for writing in your discipline
  • Know the name of citation style you need to use, if applicable
  • Bring any previous feedback that you have received
  • Think about what you want to address in your session, as this will focus your writing efforts and get the process of self-reflection started, which is an instrumental part of the writing process.


The Center for Writing Excellence can send trained Writing Assistants to your class to help your students with their writing. Along with a basic introduction to our services, we can discuss citation styles, thesis development, and strategies for integrating faculty feedback. We can also help with in-class peer review sessions and model good listening and commenting behaviors.

Request a workshop or visit

Located in the Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), Faculty Fridays are an opportunity for all UWEC faculty to drop in and get to work on research, grading, or any other project. The quiet, relaxed atmosphere of CETL combined with free coffee presents an ideal space through which to be productive. The CWE Director and Assistant Director are also on hand to address question as they come up. 

This new initiative provides UWEC faculty the opportunity to advance their scholarly projects via individual sessions with the CWE Director and Assistant Director. 

Follow this link for more information:

The goals of our Faculty Writing Fellows Program is to work with faculty across campus to design more pedagogically sound methods to the teaching and mentoring of writing in their courses, departments, and fields.

This program provides faculty the opportunity to work with the CWE director and assistant director to design resources, assignments, or other materials to ensure student success in their course(s) and departments.

Specifically, faculty in the program have the opportunity to:

  • research and explore best practices in writing within their departments and fields
  • engage in discussions of writing center theory and writing-across-the-curriculum approaches with CWE administration 
  • Observe current undergraduate and graduate writing assistants tutoring in the CWE—to better understand hour embedded tutors can enhance courses across the curriculum (including their own).

After completing the semester-long program, participants are then eligible to receive and embedded tutor in one of their courses. These high-achieving tutors work with faculty to ensure disciplinary conventions are communicated properly and register with students in meaningful ways. Finally, faculty who complete the program could list on their CV "UWEC Faculty Writing Fellow."

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