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Writing assistance for you

Find writing help and maybe even a new passion here

Yes, the Center for Writing Excellence is a campus resource designed to give specialized assistance for student assignments and projects, but we are also here to be a hub for creative activity and to help Blugolds discover the magic that writing can bring to self-discovery and the overall college journey. 

All students are able to make use of the center and build not only writing skills but also relationships with peer writing assistants and one another. 

To schedule an online appointment, go to (link available below). If this is your first visit, you will need to create an account. Once you've logged into your account, simply choose a day and time that works for you! At the time of your appointment, log into WCOnline and select the box for your session. Your writing assistant intern will meet you in the chat room to begin the session.

Once connected, you and your intern will do the following:

  1. Discuss your writing assignment and goals for your 45-minute session. You can always schedule a follow-up appointment if you need more time.
  2. Set an agenda based on your writing concerns at a particular stage in the writing process.
  3. Talk about your approach and read through a draft.
  4. Talk about ways to revise your current work and strategies for moving forward.
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  • How We Can Help

    Writing is a process. We can help you with all aspects of this process. Here is a list of areas we can assist you with:

    Generating and Exploring Ideas: freewriting, brainstorming, clustering, outlining, reading, talking, and working collaboratively

    • Exploring a Topic: limiting a topic, establishing purpose, considering audience, doing research, formulating a preliminary thesis, choosing an appropriate form, and developing a plan of organization
    • Drafting: developing ideas, arranging ideas in logical/strategic order, refining the thesis, developing relevant and adequate support, inserting transitions, developing a consistent tone and point of view, and creating voice
    • Revising Content: anticipating readers' needs and responses, testing and clarifying the thesis, generating more or different information, and deciding to include or exclude material
    • Revising Organization and Coherence: reordering content, paragraphing, reviewing and strengthening transitions
    • Revising Style: combining and reconstructing sentences to tighten and clarify ideas, and eliminating wordiness and redundancy

    Don't wait! Make an appointment today to start receiving help with ALL aspects of the writing process.

    Prepare for a Session

    • Expect to spend 45 minutes during a writing session.
    • Bring your syllabus, assignment sheet, readings, and/or class notes with you.
    • Be ready to explain, in your own words, what you want to work on, even if you're confused about it.
    • If you would like to work on an existing draft of your paper, bring a hard copy to the session.
    • If you bring a draft, expect to read it to your writing assistant who will listen and provide you with feedback.
    • Consider your writing assistant an informed reader who will help you understand your writing by asking you questions about it.
    • Don't expect the writing assistant to edit your paper. In order to become a better writer, it is important to understand all aspects of the process.

    Becoming a Writing Assistant

    The Center for Writing Excellence's Writing Assistants are UWEC undergraduates who are trained to work one-on-one with their peers' writing. You do not need to be an English major or a perfect writer--what's more important is a commitment to learning more about writing, an ability to work well with writers, and a curiosity about writing and tutoring.

    When you work as a Writing Assistant, you will gain valuable training and experience helping others with their writing while improving your own writing and communication skills. The teaching and interpersonal skills you acquire are highly valued by employers, graduate schools, and other organizations.

    To join the CWE staff as a Writing Assistant, you must first complete ENGL 397 (Writing Center Theory and Practice), a course taught every Fall by the Director or Assistant Director of the Center for Writing Excellence. ENGL 397 prepares you to work in the center and counts toward your service-learning requirement.

    To enroll in ENGL 397 you will need to provide:

    • an up-to-date resume or CV
    • a writing sample (approximately five pages)
    • a cover letter expressing your interest in the opportunity
    • the name and contact info for at least one faculty or staff member as a reference

    Students who complete the course with a satisfactory grade are eligible to apply for paid positions in the Center for Writing Excellence.

    All materials should be emailed directly to Jonathan Rylander (

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