Center for Writing Excellence (CWE)

Any class. Any stage. Anyone.

The Center for Writing Excellence is a place for students, faculty and staff of all abilities to visit for one-to-one or multi-member group projects. Pursuing a conversational approach, we are here to talk about and improve your writing at any stage.

Centennial Hall 2104 Writing Center Location Hours McIntyre Library Writing Center Location Hours
Monday-Thursday: 9am-4pm Closed for Summer
Allow 24 hour confirmation

How we can help

We have writing assistants that are eager to work with you on all of your writing projects. Here is a list of just some of the examples of work you can talk about with us:

  • First-year writing
  • Papers from all disciplines
  • Creative writing
  • Capstone projects
  • Study abroad applications
  • Nursing applications
  • CERCA proposals
  • Teacher performance assessments (TPA)
  • presentations
  • scripts
  • podcasts and videos
  • Blugold Seminar
  • Writing 114-120


Use this chat feature to raise quick questions about your work or our services. Please make an appointment for longer questions.

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Every semester, our newsletter highlights the scholarship, activities, and achievements of our Writing Assistants and Graduate Assistant Directors.

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