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Center for Writing Excellence Staff

Meet the Writing Center Staff

The CWE staff is here to champion the mission of supporting all writers.


Cadie Ash Profile Image

Cadie Ash (she/her)
Math Education


Emma Friend Portrait Image

Emma Friend (she/her)
Strategic Communication,
Latinx Studies


Shantel Pierce Headshot

Shantel Pierce (she/her)
Critical Studies


Madelyn School Headshot

Madelyn School (she/her)
Social Work


Leah Vraspir Portrait

Leah Vraspir (she/her)
Creative Writing,
Adv. Business Communication


Gwenyth Wheat Portrait

Gwen Wheat (she/her)
Critical Studies,
Creative Writing


Thomas DeLapp Portrait

Thomas DeLapp (he/him)
Journalism & Critical Studies,
Cert. Creative Writing


AJ Nimmo Portrait

AJ Nimmo (they/them)
Creative Writing


Tori Fay Portrait

Tori Fay (she/her)
English Rhetoric/Journalism


Anna Hagel Headshot

Anna Hagel (she/her)
Public Health,
Organizational Communication


Carlee Shimek Portrait

Carlee Shimek (she/her/hers)
Creative Writing,
Multimedia Comm. RSTC


Brooke Warren

Brooke Warren (she/her)
Graphic Communication



Wendy Villalva Portrait

Wendy Villalva (she/her)
LAS-Pre Prof. Healthcare



Leah Woodward Headshot

Leah Woodward (she/they)
Critical Studies,


Megan Gawlitta Portrait

Megan Gawlitta (she/her)


Charlotte Gutzmer Headshot

Charlotte Gutzmer (they/he/she)
French/Creative Writing,
Critical Studies


Thomas Reineck Headshot

Thomas Reineck (he/him)
History MA


Aja St. Germaine Portrait

Aja St. Germaine (they/them)
Critical Studies,
Women's, Gender & Sexuality St.


Charlie Fox Portrait

Charlie Fox (she/her)
English Rhetoric,
Multimedia Communication


Grace Klimek Portrait

Grace Klimek (she/her)
Creative Writing,
Multimedia Communications


Olivia Rathsack Headshot

Olivia Rathsack (she/her)
English Education/SPED,


Carley Thiel Portrait

Carley Thiel (she/her)
Elementary Education,


Anna Wendorff Headshot

Anna Wendorff (she/they)
English Rhetoric,
Legal and Comm. Studies


Mikayla Soltis Portrait

Mikayla Soltis (she/her)
Organizational Communication


Rachel Davies Headshot

Rachel Davies (she/her)


Holly McFarlane Portrait

Holly McFarlane (she/her)
Critical Studies,
Women's, Gender & Sexuality St.


Gracie Schutte Portrait

Gracie Schutte (she/her)
Creative Writing

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