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Meet the Writing Center Staff

The CWE staff is here to champion the mission of supporting all writers.


Cadie Ash Profile Image

Cadie Ash (she/her)
Math Education


Emma Friend Portrait Image

Emma Friend (she/her)
Strategic Communication,
Latinx Studies


Shantel Pierce Headshot

Shantel Brown (she/her)
Critical Studies


Madelyn School Headshot

Madelyn School (she/her)
Social Work


Thomas DeLapp Portrait

Thomas DeLapp (he/him)
Journalism & Critical Studies,
Cert. Creative Writing


Wendy Villalva Portrait

Wendy Villalva (she/her)
LAS-Pre Prof. Healthcare


Kayla Rodgers

Kayla Rodgers (she/they)
Critical Studies 


Zach S

Zach Sato (he/him)
Business Management 


Connor Smith

Connor Smith (he/him)
Business Management 


Katt Stewart

Katt Stewart (she/her)
Critical Studies


Morgan V

Morgan Verhaalen (she/her)
Biomedical Engineering 


Kelsey Weyenberg

Kelsey Weyenberg (she/her)


Mari W

Mari Whiteford (she/her)
Social Studies Education


Vienna Z

Vienna Zibrowski (she/her)
English/Language Arts Education



Leah Woodward Headshot

Hazel Woodward (she/they)
Critical Studies,


Carley Thiel Portrait

Carley Thiel (she/her)
Elementary Education,


grace schutte

Gracie Schutte (she/her)
Creative Writing


Requel A

Requel Anglemyer (she/her)


Aria Crawford

Aria Crawford (she/her)
English/Language Arts Education


Alexis Docter

Alexis Docter (she/her)
Secondary English Education


Jadyn Eggert

Jadyn Eggert (she/her)
Elementary Education


Teresa F

Teresa Fischer (she/her)
Political Science


Anna Ganje

Anna Ganje (she/her)
Elementary/History Education


Jennifer Holter

Jennifer Holter (she/her)
International Business


Scout L

Scout Lindquist (she/her)
English Education


Katie McCann

Katie McCann (she/her)
English/Language Arts Education


Makenna Paar

Makenna Paar (she/they)


Miles P

Miles Perrault (he/they)
English Education


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