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Welcome and welcome back

Welcome and welcome back nursing students!

I am looking forward to seeing you in the college, around campus, and perhaps on ZOOM.

Over the summer faculty and staff have been preparing for your return.  Although, we had some staff departures due to retirements we are delighted to introduce you to our new faculty members and wish them much success this year. Please see our alumni newsletter for these updates.

We are excited about our program's new location in Marshfield. Individuals from UW-Eau Claire and Stevens Point have worked hard to ensure classrooms and labs are in readiness for the start of classes, and I think you will really like what you are about to experience. The college building on the Eau Claire campus has been readied for your return, as well. Bonnie, our dedicated cleaning staff, did a deep clean this summer and everything just sparkles. When you see her in the halls, giver her a big thank you! Gratitude goes a long way. 

Now more than ever, excellent nurses are needed. We see the demand for more nurses almost daily in the national news. You are the future workforce that our healthcare systems are depending on. Continuing to build a strong foundation in your courses this year is essential to ensuring your timely progression and excellence in practice upon graduation. We are here to support you on that journey. As we continue to be in a COVID pandemic, the requirement of the COVID vaccine in our clinical environments and in the on-campus labs is essential. Our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice call upon us to do no harm to self and others and to uphold the greater good.  

Here's to a great academic year of much learning, much fun, and safety for all!

Dean Linda K. Young