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Faculty and students present at MNRS

The Midwest Nursing Research Society held its 46th Annual Research Conference March 30 – April 2, 2022. Several member of the College presented their findings in person or virtually.

Mohammad Alasagheirin, PhD, RN and Mary Canales, PhD, RN and BSN student, Ellie Decker presented a paper, “Somali Population Attitudes and Perceptions Toward COVID-19 Vaccines.” The study's purpose was to understand the general attitude toward COIVD-19 vaccines among the Somali community and describe contributing factors to COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and acceptance in the Somali population.

Faculty members, Dalete Mota, PhD, RN, Jeanette Olsen PhD, RN, CNE, Catherine Wildenberg MSN, RN, CNE, and graduate assistant, Alicia Sund, BSN, RN, along with students, Haley Bradley, Rita Donahue, Kinley Regan, and Regan Thomas conducted a literature review. The focus of their project, “Evidence-based Strategies for Standardized Exam Remediation in Nursing: An Integrative Review” was to identify evidence-based standardized exam remediation strategies and best practices that will be effective for helping students reach benchmark scores on standardized nursing exams and pass the NCLEX-RN. The team was able to identify several evidence-based remediation strategy and policy themes and offered recommendations nurse educators should consider when implementing standardized exam remediation programs

Arin VanWormer, PHD, RN presented her poster entitled, “COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Student Attitudes (COVaCSA)” online. The purpose of her research was to examine nursing students’ vaccination preparation and confidence, along with a reflection of the nurses’ role, in a COVID-19 vaccination clinic. About the conference, Dr. VanWormer stated, “This conference provides a wonderful opportunity to network and connect with colleagues that have similar interests and are working on scholarship to elevate the nursing profession. The pandemic and effects of COVID-19 influenced nursing scholarship and it was valuable to see how others in the nursing profession used the knowledge gained to inform their practice and research.”