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Faculty & Staff

Encourage Your Students to visit the Center for Writing Excellence

Information about the CWE you can include on your syllabus:

The Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) is a free resource for all writers at UWEC. A staff of more than 50 skilled writers from all disciplines are on hand to provide individual writing support at any stage of any writing project-from brainstorming and idea mapping to thesis development and improving clarity. Writing Assistants focus on systemic issues like organization and argumentation, so it's best to visit early in the writing process. The CWE offers support in multiple locations around campus between 9-8 MR, 9-noon F, and 5-8 Sun. Visit the CWE at for more information or to make an appointment.

As you get ready for a visit to the CWE:

  • Bring a written copy of the assignment
  • Know your instructor's expectations for writing in your discipline
  • Know the name of citation style you need to use, if applicable
  • Bring any previous feedback that you have received
  • Think about what you want to address in your session, as this will focus your writing efforts and get the process of self-reflection started, which is an instrumental part of the writing process.

Visit the CWE site at for more information or to make an appointment.

Writing Assistant Referral

Recommend your most talented students to take ENGL 397, Writing Center Theory and Practice, so that they can work as paid tutors in the Center for Writing Excellence.

Class Visit

Request an orientation session in the Center for Writing Excellence.

Writing Fellows

Writing Fellows are high-achieving, experienced Center for Writing Excellence writing assistants strategically assigned to work in writing-intensive courses. ELL (English Language Learner) Fellows work in English Language Learner courses while Interdisciplinary Writing Fellows work in upper-level (300 and above) courses.

Faculty Writing Support Program

The CWE supports all writers at UWEC, providing our faculty with the support they need to become-or continue to be-a productive writer and scholar. The CWE's Faculty Writing Support Program offers ongoing support and resources for faculty and staff as they write. Whether new to UWEC or a seasoned colleague, ALL faculty and staff are eligible to benefit.

Scholarly Resources

Handouts and other materials developed for Center for Writing Excellence workshops and provided by guest speakers.