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Becoming an Ally

There are numerous ways that you can support the SSS program in promoting the success of eligible students on campus. We hope that you will consider becoming an ally for SSS students through the following means:

Providing Employment Information: If you have positions available for student workers or interns, we would be glad to forward that information to our SSS participants. This information may be sent to the 

Offering Leadership Opportunities: If there are opportunities in your department for SSS students to gain leadership experience through involvement in organizations, advisory boards, research, publications, or projects, we would be glad to assist with recruitment. Please forward this information to

Contributing to Scholarships: We encourage you to donate to scholarships that are specifically directed to low-income/first-generation students or to students with disabilities. The is one option.

Providing Workshops: SSS offers a variety of workshops each semester to promote the academic success of project participants; see the SSS Calendar of Events   If you want to lead workshop for SSS,  please contact the SSS Director