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How we foster success

For first-generation students and those in underrepresented groups, an array of specific programs and services helps to bridge the gaps and level the field to create an equitable and effective college experience for all. See the categories below to find out more about how exactly we encourage, assist and advocate for students in our our program.

To assist new freshmen in making the transition to college, Student Support Services offers a two-credit course—Introduction to the University Curriculum (GEN 100)—which promotes academic success in the first year and beyond. The course helps students improve their learning and study strategies, develop critical thinking skills, and gain access to campus resources.

Students who participate in the Student Support Services program automatically gain membership in a learning community. It assists first-year students to adjust to campus life and develop friendships with other new students.

The SSS Academic Advising Coordinator assists students in planning their degree programs and monitoring their academic progress. The adviser can answer questions about degree requirements and guide students through the process of selecting majors and setting career goals. In addition, the adviser keeps students informed about various services that are available on campus to support their needs. For further information, contact the SSS Academic Advising Coordinator.

The SSS Career Development Coordinator assists students with career planing from their freshman through senior year. The coordinator helps students set career goals, write effective resumes, locate internships, establish professional contacts, and develop their interviewing skills. For students who are uncertain about their career or major, the SSS program offers assessments and interest inventories at no cost. For further information, contact the SSS Career Development Coordinator.

"The career seminars offered through SSS were very beneficial because they not only thoroughly taught me about the resume and interview process, but they also pushed me to network with my peers and professionals."
B.K.M, Sociology major

Through an arrangement with the Academic Skills Center, the SSS program offers intensive tutoring both for academic courses and for study strategies. Tutoring is also available to help students prepare to take such examinations as the PPST/PRAXIS required of Education majors and the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) required for admission to many graduate programs. SSS tutors help students to learn course content and to improve their test-preparation methods and test-taking strategies. For further information, contact the SSS Tutoring Coordinator.

"SSS provided me tutors in math and American Sign Language, which are two of my weakest areas. Without the extra tutoring, I would have struggled to maintain my GPA and achieve a passing grade in the courses."
M.M. CSD major

The SSS program offers students assistance in completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and provides information about scholarships, grants, work-study, and other forms of financial aid.  The program also helps students improve their financial and economic literacy skills, including assistance with budgeting and managing credit cards.

"Through SSS, I have been given the opportunity to apply for scholarships and grants that have played a major role in my being able to continue studying at UW-Eau Claire."
C.D. Spanish major

SSS provides incoming students with access to successful role models in order to help them become integrated into the academic and social community on campus. The peer mentors, for their part, develop leadership skills while they assist the new students in adjusting to campus life. To receive mentoring or to serve as a mentor, contact the SSS Director.

Every semester, SSS offers a wide variety of informative programs. Some typical topics include the following

  • Degree Planning Workshop: Making Every Course Count
  • Managing Self Instead of Time
  • Faculty-Student Research Opportunities
  • Writing the Employment Resume
  • Five-Day Study Plan for Final Exams

Check the Calendar of Events to see the series of programs being offered this semester.

The SSS program offers participants the opportunity to attend numerous events on campus that stimulate thought and promote cultural appreciation. SSS participants are provided with tickets to UW-Eau Claire's theatrical productions, Forum lectures, and Artists Series performances. Check the Calendar of Events to see the cultural opportunities available this semester. To request tickets, contact the SSS Program Associate.

SSS staff members keep students aware of opportunities to develop their organizational and leadership skills. Students may assume leadership roles by participating in the Student Support Services Advisory Board, which helps organize social and educational events where program participants can interact and develop friendships. For further information, contact the SSS Director.

"The major benefit I am going to be able to take away from my participation with Student Support Services is improved leadership skills. As a member of the Advisory Board, I have been in a position of a leader and have been able to guide other students instead of sitting back and waiting for others to organize something for me. It has been great 'real life' experience having to brainstorm and compromise and then organize with a group of people who all have great ideas."
C.G., Criminal Justice and Spanish major

The SSS program is authorized to provide some direct financial assistance to qualified students. To receive this grant aid, students must be current participants in the program of freshman or sophomore standing who are receiving federal Pell Grants. In addition, the program requires that Grant Aid recipients meet a GPA standard and attend program activities. For further information, contact the SSS Director.

Each fall, the SSS program offers a one-credit course, GEN 260, for qualified students interested in pursuing graduate school. Topics addressed in this course include graduate program options, admission requirements, application procedures, personal essay statements, professional references, financial resources, and graduate exam preparation. Campus visits to nearby graduate school programs are also provided for participants. For further information, contact the SSS Career Development Coordinator.

"I have been greatly encouraged and supported in my pursuit for graduate schools by receiving tips on how to apply and also receiving remarkable recommendations to supplement my applications."
M.M., history major

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