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McNair Feature Scholar: Meet David!

David Edwardson, Cohort 20
David Edwardson, Cohort 20

David Edwardson is studying Computer Science and Mathematics with plans to graduate in May of 2020. He grew up near Eau Claire in the town of Stanley, WI. 
For his research, David has been working with Dr. Jack Tan in the Computer Science department. The research involves using numerous data mining and analytical methods to observe how computers can aid in the process of redistricting to prevent the practice of gerrymandering (the process in which one manipulates the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) to favor one party or class.) He hopes because of growing public interest in the creation of a non-partisan approach, research like his can be looked at when deciding new legislation and policy regarding redistricting. 
David is interested in the role computers can play within influencing politics. He hopes to continue learning and studying the effects of computers politically on the legislative and personal level.