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College of Business interns place in Top 10 for Goal Post College Team Award

| Carrie Ottum

UW-Eau Claire College of Business students are being recognized for their skills and talents while interning at Northwestern Mutual in Eau Claire. The local Northwestern Mutual-Eau Claire office recently placed in the Top Ten for the Goal Post College Team Award.

The Northwestern Mutual Goal Post College Team Award is given to a university team consisting of current interns and recent graduates, who went full-time, for their production and success within the organization. The award is determined using four scoring elements that includes; number of new interns, productivity of interns, number of interns who convert to full-time employees, and full-time employee performance. 

Jim Schroeter, Certified Financial Planner and COB graduate, stated “This internship challenges you in ways that cannot be replicated in other internships. You get to work hand in hand with professionals in this space who have advanced and established themselves within this profession.”

The UW-Eau Claire team placed in the Top Ten along with other Division 1 universities and colleges from across the country. The University of Wisconsin system displayed impressive representation by obtaining 3 of the 10 spots. 

1st    Ohio State                    
2nd   Missouri-Columbia
3rd    Iowa                             
4th    Wisconsin-Madison        
5th    Wisconsin-Whitewater
6th    Northern Iowa
7th    Georgia
8th    Wisconsin-Eau Claire
9th    Florida State
10th  Minnesota-U of Twin Cities

Members of the UW-Eau Claire team include full-time employees Chad Kools, Sam Rubenzer, Kyle Thorpe, Liz Reynolds, Micah Burch, Jim Schroeter; and interns Ryan David, Ethan Weaver, Drew Lahr, Joey Esposito, Nathan Schomberg, Alexander Danielson, and Riley Haight.

Schroeter encourages potential students or soon-to-be graduates to contact the local Northwestern Mutual office to find out if the internship and training program is an ideal fit for their professional goals.