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Creating an ecosystem for biomedical innovation in patient care

Standing at the forefront of innovation means not always knowing what lies ahead. It requires bravery and excitement for the unknown. The collaboration between UW-Eau Claire and Mayo Clinic Health System is five years in the making and yielding new insights and opportunities everyday.

Together, student, faculty, staff and physician teams are breaking new ground with a clinical foam that protects cancer patients' healthy tissue during treatment and a regional care hub that will improve patient care in rural areas. We're rapidly turning ideas into tangible solutions like personal health mobile apps, upskilling programs for medical personnel and creating 3D-printed models for use in the pre-surgical process.

This level of forward thinking and advocacy has led to substantial funding from a workforce innovation grant to make our vision reality — all in the name of improved patient care.

Paving the way for other health care organizations

The pandemic demonstrated that health care can be effectively delivered via virtual platforms outside of traditional brick-and-mortar clinics. We are taking this approach to the next level and applying it to rural health care delivery by piloting a regional care hub program. This pilot program will serve as an example for other health care organizations across the nation.

Dr. Timothy Nelson

We need to innovate to improve outcomes and decrease cost. Why not make Eau Claire a hub for a new industry of service and technology for rural patient care? Everything needed to create an ecosystem for biomedical innovation and positive outcomes is here, bringing providers, educators and students together to work on the biggest, unsolved needs in medicine and improve the patient experience.

Dr. Tim Nelson Director of Research and Innovation at Mayo Clinic Health System Northwest Wisconsin

Shaping the future of medicine

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Successful health care innovation requires advanced facilities and technology. UW-Eau Claire is expanding its science resources to position itself as the premier health sciences university in the Midwest.

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Community Health Innovation Grant

A $9.4 million grant has been awarded to UW-Eau Claire by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. to respond to the many crises facing our rural areas.

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