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Advance equity, diversity + inclusion on campus

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire has implemented three tiers of professional development to improve equity, diversity, and inclusion on campus. This program consists of online education for employees and additional professional development workshops with the opportunity to earn a certificate.

Tier 1

Tier 1 professional development familiarizes faculty and staff with data findings relevant to diversity and equity, including student/employee demographics and multiple perspectives on the campus climate at UWEC. Completion of Tier 1 Professional Development requires a time commitment of 60 minutes (online).

All new employees are expected to complete the training within two months of their start date. The training, titled "Diversity: Inclusion in the Modern Workplace," is automatically sent via email. 

Tier 2

All faculty and staff are encouraged to complete additional professional development throughout the year. Tier 2 provides participants with the conceptual framework, opportunities for self-reflection and group discussion, and skill-building experience necessary for being an effective advocate for students. Participants learn from university faculty and staff who work to improve campus climate for people of color, women, people with different religious identities, people with different socioeconomic status, people with disabilities, and those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and/or asexual. In these workshops, participants design personal action plans to help them identify specific outcomes and action steps toward which they can work to improve campus climate.

Tier 2 Workshops

Off-Campus Tier 2 Experience

Please submit the following e-Form to have an off-campus EDI program evaluated for Tier 2 credit.

EDI Tier 2 Off-Campus Program Experience

Department Trainings

Upon request, the following presenters can provide Tier 2 workshops at the department level:

Campus Connect: Suicide Awareness and Intervention

This two-hour, interactive training provides foundational knowledge and skills for any person to be able to respond and help someone who is in a crisis, including those who may be thinking about suicide. Using discussion, activities and group interaction, participants will learn about key warning signs for suicide, how to respond to someone who is in crisis, ask about suicidal thinking, encourage help-seeking and connect people to supportive resources for the help they need. This training is designed for anyone who wants to build their confidence in being able to respond to a person in distress who may (or may not) be thinking about suicide.

Contact Ashley Walton-Beal at to request a session.

How Much Racial Discrimination is There Really? Evidence from Field Experiments

Everyone agrees that racial inequalities exist in America, but what causes them? A majority of Americans think that they are caused by something other than discrimination — like lack of education. Didn't the civil rights movement put an end to racial discrimination? Most social scientific studies can't determine the cause of racial inequalities, but field experiments can. This workshop shows how much racial discrimination exists today, using evidence from the most rigorous scientific studies available. Participants will be invited to apply lessons learned to their own lives and workplaces.

Contact Dr. Peter Hart-Brinson at to request a session.


Microaggressions are the everyday verbal, nonverbal and environmental slights, snubs or insults, whether intentional or unintentional, which communicate hostile, derogatory or negative messages to target persons based solely upon their marginalized group membership. Workshop participants will learn to recognize microaggressions, reduce them in their daily lives and support students who experience them daily.

Contact Jodi Thesing-Ritter at to request a session.

Safe Space

A two-hour training session led by two Safe Space trainers. Terms/issues we will discuss are as follows: LGBTQIA+ (What do the letters in this acronym represent), pronouns, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, gender roles, erasure, heteronormativity, the Queer legal landscape, ally, resources (UW-Eau Claire, Chippewa Valley, nationwide).

Contact Christopher Jorgenson at or Kallie Friede at to request a session.


Other Opportunities

Established EDI Tier 2 session

If your department is interested in a session not listed above that has been offered as a Tier 2 program before, contact the facilitator directly to set up the session. Once the session has been scheduled, submit the session through the link below for the EDI Professional Development staff to advertise and make available to other interested faculty and staff. Requests should be sent one week in advance. Tier 2 sessions must be open to all of campus. The advertisement can state that the session is geared toward your department.

The director/chair/dean from the department is responsible for communicating to their department colleagues how to register on the workshop registration website, taking attendance and sending the attendance list to within 48 hours after the workshop ends.

Tier 2 Program Proposal 
New session not currently offered in Tier 2 

If the session has not been offered as a Tier 2 program before, submit a program proposal through the link below for the EDI Professional Development Committee to review. Requests must be sent at least one week in advance.

If accepted, the session will be advertised and open to other interested faculty and staff. Tier 2 sessions must be open to all of campus. The advertisement can state that the session is geared toward your department.

The director/chair/dean from the department is responsible for communicating to their department colleagues how to register on the workshop registration website, taking attendance and sending the attendance list to within 48 hours after the workshop ends.

Tier 2 Program Proposal

Diverse Voices Book Challenge

Diverse Voices Book Challenge

Join the Diverse Voices Book Challenge for the opportunity to learn about different populations, identities, and experiences that are present within our campus community through reading. This initiative looks at heritage months to highlight varying perspectives to help start conversations, provide proper terminology, and reflect on what you've read. To complete the challenge and earn a Tier 2 completion, participants need to read eight books over the course of the 2023-2024 academic year, from at least four different categories. Once a book is completed, participants must complete a reflection form in order to log the book and their progress. 

View featured books and register 


Tier 3

Faculty and staff are encouraged to consider the completion of a certificate in equity, diversity and inclusion profession development. Tier 3 provides participants with the opportunity to earn an EDI certificate and letter of accomplishment following completion of 10 sessions and a project within their scope of duties that incorporates their learning. Faculty and staff now have an unlimited time frame to earn a certificate. Faculty and staff may complete more than one certificate.

Step 1

Schedule a consultation after completing five professional development sessions. You will meet with a consultant to finalize your project idea and completion plan.

Submit EDI Consultation Request

Step 2

Work on your project.

Step 3

Submit your completed project.

Submit Tier 3 Project

Marshfield and UW-Barron County Virtual Connection Option

Tier 2 sessions are primarily scheduled at the UW-Eau Claire campus. Some sessions may be offered through distance education (DE) technology for faculty and staff to attend virtually from the UW-Barron County campus and Marshfield site. Connection arrangements will be made no later than one week before the session when there are at least two interested participants from the same location.

If you are interested in virtually attending an upcoming session, please contact the DE coordinator at your location.

Marshfield: Kari Vanden Busch,

UW-Barron County: Sue Kleusch,

NOTE: Not all sessions are eligible for this service due to session format, time of day and facilitator preference. We will try our best to accommodate requests for eligible sessions.

Disability Accommodations

If you require an accommodation, please notify us at least two weeks in advance of the program so that appropriate arrangements can be made. Contact All requests are kept confidential.

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