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Submit an idea for Tier 2

Tier 2 EDI programming provides participants with the conceptual framework, opportunities for self-reflection and group discussion, and skill-building experience necessary for being an effective advocate for equity and diversity.

The campus community has an opportunity to propose ideas for Tier 2 EDI professional development.

Program Criteria

  • At least one hour in length
  • On campus
  • Open to all of the campus
  • Facilitator/presenter with EDI experience
  • Interactive program
    Please incorporate active learning opportunities into your program, i.e., small group discussion, case studies, turn and talk, quick writes. Staff from the Center for EDI Training, Development and Education are happy to work with you discuss possible active learning options for your program.
  • Provide examples of how the information can be applied to the classroom or work environment.
  • Facilitator is responsible for printing fees of any worksheets or handouts.

Submission Due Dates for 2024, TBD


To submit a program proposal, please complete the form at this link with information about your program.

A committee will review and notify you if your program is accepted within a month of the due date.

To be included in Tier 2, the program needs approval by this process. Retroactive requests will not be considered. 

There is no funding available for speaker fees.


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