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Current training and professional development opportunities

The Center for EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) Training, Development, and Education is a cornerstone for cultural competency training at UW-Eau Claire and within the greater Eau Claire region. The center provides comprehensive training that aims to prepare a culturally competent workforce and a student body prepared to thrive in an increasingly global society.

Why create a Center for EDI Training, Development and Education?

The Center for EDI Training, Development and Education is the next step in the commitment that the university has made to expand the level and quality of training afforded to our students, faculty, staff and community. With the light shining brightly on social justice issues, this center will play a central role in ensuring that UW-Eau Claire cultivates the most progressive EDI agenda within the UW System.

The Center for EDI Training, Development and Education is UW-Eau Claire’s next step in expanding the breadth and quality of EDI training available to our campus community — especially our students. Through training and conversations, we will help students better understand EDI, learn about the experiences of underrepresented populations, create a safe space to discuss EDI-related topics, and increase students’ awareness of identities, biases and privileges.

Jodi Thesing-Ritter Executive Director for Diversity and Inclusion

Explore our campus EDI training opportunities

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Faculty/Staff EDI Professional Development Opportunities

Explore three tiers of training opportunities aimed at improving equity, diversity and inclusion on campus.

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Student EDI Development

Student EDI Development Opportunities

Explore three tiers of personal and professional development to improve equity, diversity and inclusion on campus for students.

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Peer Diversity Educators standing on steps wearing masks.

Peer Diversity Educators

Peer Diversity Educators is a student-run organization that helps to promote understanding and respect for people of all abilities, creeds, races, social classes, genders in both identities and expressions, and sexual orientations.

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