About the Blugold Commitment


The Blugold Commitment is a partnership of students, faculty and staff, and alumni and friends to preserve and enhance the distinctive UW-Eau Claire undergraduate experience. It asks students to lead the way by investing in more of the high-impact educational experiences that prepare them to succeed when they graduate. It asks faculty and staff to commit to providing an integrated curriculum and more experiential learning. And it asks alumni and friends to commit to raising more scholarship funds to keep the UW-Eau Claire degree accessible and affordable for qualified students. Click to view a Blugold Commitment Powerpoint on the benefits of the program.

On February 5, 2010, the UW System Board of Regents approved the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s proposal for the Blugold Commitment. The proposal calls for a $1,200 increase to undergraduate differential tuition ($300 per academic year), phased in over four years and beginning in fall 2010. Click to view a timeline of Blugold Differential Tuition by year.

All UW-Eau Claire students, regardless of socioeconomic background, will participate in multiple high-impact educational practices before graduation, including at least one of the following: collaborative undergraduate research, immersion experience beyond the borders of the campus, and internships/practica.

Recent News

Tuition, including differential tuition, is frozen at the 2012-2013 level. The Blugold Commitment differential tuition program is not suspended - only the final installment of $300 has been suspended. UW-Eau Claire undergraduate students pay $900 in Blugold Commitment BCDT and $163 in legacy differential tuition. Blugold Commitment financial aid remains set at the same level.

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Q:Why was the Blugold Commitment necessary?

A: UW-Eau Claire could have chose to continue to “do more with less” while slowly eroding the quality and availability of the unique educational experiences that have made the UW-Eau Claire baccalaureate degree what it is today. The reality is that such experiences are time and resource intensive. The Blugold Commitment asks students to make a different choice. The choice to seize this opportunity to invest in the educational experiences they value most: collaborative research, global learning, domestic intercultural immersion, senior capstones and more. The choice to improve the student-to-faculty ratio to enable better advising, closer mentoring and a more personal educational experience. And the choice to invest in changes that will simplify and integrate general education and degree requirements so students can more efficiently progress to their degree.

Q: What is the Blugold Commitment used for?

A: The Blugold Commitment is used to ensure that all UW-Eau Claire undergraduate students can participate in what are called high-impact practices: collaborative research, global and multicultural immersion experiences, internships, capstones and first-year experiences.  In addition, more faculty have been hired to reduce class sizes and allow faculty time for advising and mentoring.

Q: I am a part-time student. Do I pay the full differential?

A: No, your tuition is prorated based on the number of credits you take.

Q: I am a graduate student. Does the Blugold Commitment apply to my tuition?

A: No. The Blugold Commitment provides benefits for undergraduate students and is charged only to undergraduates.

Q: I pay non-resident tuition. Does the Blugold Commitment apply to my tuition?

A: Yes. All undergraduate students, resident and non-resident, are charged the additional differential tuition.

Q: I understand that the Blugold Commitment includes financial assistance for students. How do I know if I qualify and how do I apply?

A:The Blugold Commitment provides financial assistance for eligible students. To apply for assistance you need only to complete the FAFSA each year by April 15. The FAFSA will determine what your estimated family contribution (EFC) should be and this is what will be used to determine how much assistance you will receive.

Q: What kinds of financial assistance are available?

A:See Blugold Commitment Financial Aid

You need only file a FAFSA application by the April 15 deadline and have a complete file by June 1.

Q: I read that students are involved in deciding where the Blugold Commitment tuition is invested. How can I participate?

A: Students are involved in determining the priorities for the Blugold Commitment and in determining which proposals are funded. Committees of faculty, staff and students review proposals for implementing the Blugold Commitment and recommend which should be funded to the provost and chancellor. The Student Senate identifies membership on the committees. If you are interested in participating, please contact the Student Senate office, at link.