Blugold Commitment

Making a difference

The Blugold Commitment asks students to lead the way by investing in more of the high-impact educational experiences that prepare them to succeed when they graduate. In addition it encourages faculty and staff to commit to providing an integrated curriculum and more experiential learning. And finally it hopes that alumni and friends will commit to raising more scholarship funds to keep the UW-Eau Claire degree accessible and affordable for qualified students

On February 5, 2010, the UW System Board of Regents approved the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s proposal for the Blugold Commitment. The proposal calls for a $1,200 increase to undergraduate differential tuition ($300 per academic year), phased in over four years and beginning in fall 2010.

All UW-Eau Claire students, regardless of socioeconomic background, will participate in multiple high-impact educational practices before graduation, including at least one of the following: collaborative undergraduate research, immersion experience beyond the borders of the campus, and internships/practica.

Making a difference

The Blugold Commitment is unlike any other differential tuition. At UW-Eau Claire, not only do students reap the benefits of programs that go above and beyond those allowed by base tuition, but students also can be directly involved in the decision-making process.

The Blugold Commitment provides more of what students said they want — meaningful advising, integrated and simplified general education and graduation requirements, global and domestic intercultural immersion experiences, and the chance to work one-on-one with faculty and staff through undergraduate research and capstone projects. In short, the Blugold Commitment provides students with opportunities that better prepare them for their future in graduate school, in the workplace, or as citizens of the global community.

The immense benefits of the Blugold Commitment can be seen all over campus. You might be surprised how many of your favorite events or experiences were sponsored by the Blugold Commitment.

What is your money funding?

Academic Skills Center: Supplemental Instruction
Advising, Retention + Career Center
Blugold Seminar
Center for Suicide Prevention and Research
Center for Writing Excellence
Chippewa Valley Center for Economic Research and Development
Civil Right Pilgrimage
Community Fitness Program
Cultural Immersion in Nursing
Eau Queer Film Festival
First Year Experience
Immersion Experiences
International Fellows
ORSP Funding Opportunities
Undergraduate Studies

Recent News

Tuition, including differential tuition, is frozen at the 2012-2013 level. The Blugold Commitment differential tuition program is not suspended - only the final installment of $300 has been suspended. UW-Eau Claire undergraduate students pay $900 in Blugold Commitment BCDT and $163 in legacy differential tuition. Blugold Commitment financial aid remains set at the same level.

Blugold Commitment Funding Documents

For information on how our funding process works, below you'll find documents that outline our approval process.

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