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Investing in High-Impact Learning

The Blugold Commitment ensures all UW-Eau Claire undergraduate students can participate in multiple high-impact practices, such as collaborative research, global and domestic immersion experiences, internships, capstones and a variety of other experiences. In addition, funding provides for several faculty and staff positions to support these endeavors. 

The program is funded by a portion of all undergraduate UWEC student tuition.  

Blugold Commitment Funding  

The immense benefits of the Blugold Commitment can be seen all over campus. Here are just a few of the programs made possible by Blugold Commitment dollars: 

Student Involvement with Blugold Commitment 

What makes Blugold Commitment unique is the input students have in how the differential tuition is spent. Student Senate has been working with UW-Eau Claire administration from the beginning by sharing governance in how Blugold Commitment resources are invested and in monitoring the programmatic outcomes.  

This long history of engaging students in their own education, discussing what we all want to achieve, and how we do that within an affordable financial framework is to ensure that students continue to achieve the best education at UWEC. The Blugold Commitment is just one of the many ways UWEC prepares students for graduate school, the workplace, and as citizens of the global community. 

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