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Let your freaQ flag fly!

Throughout history, bodies, identities, and individual expressions that exist outside culturally policed normalcy have been cast out and marginalized. With Q Fest, we defiantly reclaim that history, bending it toward resistance, justice, and empowerment. Join us for an unapologetically queer celebration of our community, its history, and its future. Let your freaq flag fly!


                                         Our Mission

Q Fest

In the United States and around the world, the political landscape is increasingly hostile and dismissive of queer lives and experiences. Q Fest demands that you speak up and speak out, that you amplify voices oft-forgotten or invalidated, and that you do so toward an attitude of action. To participate in Q Fest is to commit yourself to understanding the kaleidoscopic variety of queerness and to embrace those aspects of self that others seek to hide, invalidate, or destroy.

Storytelling is the beating heart of Q Fest. Each summer, the Q Fest student cohort travels to San Francisco, collectively screening hundreds of films at the Frameline Film Festival which takes place during San Francisco Pride. The students then set about the arduous and exciting task of curating a robust weeklong program that celebrates queer resistance, advocacy, activism, and education. 

SF Cohort 2019

Q Fest, in many respects, is meant to be entertaining. It is not meant to be easy. It demands of attendees an examination of racism, White supremacy, anti-LGBTQIA+ prejudice. It requires critical self-reflection, offering opportunities to unpack and mitigate implicit and explicit biases, while laying bare the ways in which we either reify and perpetuate systemic oppression, or work to interrogate and dismantle it. 

Q Fest embraces discomfort as an important component of substantive change. Let's get uncomfortable and let our freaq flags fly!

For a complete line-up of events, head on over to our official website...                                                                                                                                                                                   get your FREAQ on!



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