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Exchanges: dialogues between poetry and art

| Amanda Bulger

Exchanges: dialogues between poetry and art  

The Ruth Foster Gallery at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire is hosting Exchanges: dialogues between poetry and art. This exciting juried exhibition will consist of both visual and literary art; poets writing original poems inspired by a selection of professional visual artworks, and visual artists creating original works inspired by a selection of professional poems. 

The exhibition will open Friday, September 8th through Wednesday, October 4th. A public reception will take place on Thursday, September 14, 6-7:30 pm. All Foster Gallery events are free and open to the public. 

Poets and artists were invited to submit original poems and artwork that interpret, inhabit, confront and/or speak to one of the below professional works of visual art or poetry. Visitors can expect to see the the works below alongside the the original poems and artwork created for the exhibition. 

Pat Brentano, Missing Birds

Scott Greene, Timberline 

Alex Webb, Tehuantepec, Mexico, 1985

Nery Gabriel Lemus, Friction of Distance. One Dead Migrant Worker and Three Ducks

Jessica Q. Stark, "Trace Leakage: LA Pet Cemetery"

Taneum Bambrick, "Biological Control Task"

Rita Mookerjee, "Shrine"

Dorothy Chan, "A Poem About Killing Off Your Homophobic Characters"


Participants include:

Terry Allen, Abby Borash, Jacob Boyd, Sophia Boyer, Peter Dziadowicz, Heather Hanlon, Catherine Jagoe, Jen Karetnick, Jacob Markiewicz, Sahen Naidoo, Stephen Ruthy, Paula Sergi, Mark Tardi, Jose Trejo-Maya, Bin Youn, dN eQ, Ziggy Rendler-Bregman,   Anne Beidler,  Patricia Bingham,  Chelsea Coon,  Anna Reed,  Gavin Sewell,  Christopher Thomas,  Ronald Gonzalez,  Sophia Greeson,  KT Hancock,  Julie San Felipe,  Suran Song,  Gabriella Boros,  Kaitlyn Graham,  Marni Mutrux,  Bin Youn,  Kathryn D'Elia,  John Fifield-Perez,  Pat Flanagan,  Irwin Freeman,  Emily Lehman,  Adam Porter