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McNair Featured Scholar - Meet Crystalina!

My name is Crystalina Peterson, and I am a Public History major at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and have lived in Wisconsin for five years.

I am also a McNair scholar, and am conducting research with Dr. Selika Dusckworth-Lawton on gender, sexuality, and politics in the African American community. Specifically, we are studying Black masculinity and respectability politics, which is the term used to describe the morality-based expectations of behavior placed on marginalized communities; this was a key factor in understanding the actions of both advocates and adversaries during the Civil Rights Era of the 1960s. We will be using this to continue to dissect the subjugation of the Black community, and hope to address and correct the stereotypes of Black men as a threat to whites and women.

Upon graduation, I plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Cultural History, where I will be able to continue to study marginalized groups and unique cultures across the globe. I hope to be able to work in the field while completing my doctoral program, and hope to be able to teach at the college level once I receive my credentials.