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McNair Featured Scholar - Meet Celia!

My name is Celia Dickey, and I am from West Saint Paul, MN. I am a senior majoring in Biology with a minor in Spanish. I am working with Dr. Brad Carter this summer to research gene-environment interactions of methylmercury metabolism in embryonic development in zebrafish.

My project aims to produce and confirm a mutant zebrafish line with homologous loss-of-function mutations in the gclm gene. I will create a mutant zebrafish line using CRISPR/Cas 9 reagents, examine the effects of gclm knockout on early development, and test exposure effects of methylmercury compared to wild-type zebrafish. With Wisconsin being a high fish-eating population, it is important to study the effects of methylmercury and characterize the steps to take to ensure proper utero and childhood development.

My postbaccalaureate goals include going to graduate school to complete my master’s degree in Genetic Counseling. I hope to specialize in pre-natal or pediatrics and work in a clinic or hospital setting.