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A look back in pictures: Fall classrooms across campus

Photo caption: Students practice with assistive technology in a 400-level inclusive literacy methods class for elementary and middle education.

The hustle of campus in this final week of fall-semester courses is making everyone feel the crunch. We thought this was a perfect time to slow down for a minute and think back to the opening days of classes and beyond. You've all come a long way in 15 weeks, from those of you in your first-ever college classes to the seniors about to call it a wrap! 

Here's a collection of photos that span a wide variety of departments, course types and campus locations. Maybe you know these faculty or classrooms, and maybe it gives you a better idea of what to expect in some spring-semester courses. 

large lecture hall chemistry class on first day of classes

First day of class for Organic Chemistry I students with Dr. Tyler Doyon, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry, in Centennial Hall.

Information systems class in Scheider Hall

The Cargill Collaboration Center in Schneider Hall makes a great classroom, like this information systems course taught by Dr. Anthony Keys, associate professor of business communication and information systems.

an English class set up in a discussion square

An intermediate poetry writing course, ENGL 310, with Dr. Dorothy Chan, associate professor of English.

choir class enjoying an outdoor classes rehearsal session

Members of the UW-Eau Claire Women’s Concert Chorale rehearse outdoors near Schofield Hall on a warm September day.

two students working with paper figures in a physics class

Students in a physics survey class taught by Dr. Jess Vriesema, lecturer in physics and astronomy.

students in a lecture class, female instructor at the front

A business communication class, BCOM 306, with Blugold alumna Dr. Marcy Leasum Orwig, associate professor of business communication and information systems, in Schneider Hall.

Roderick Jones teaching an education class

Dr. Roderick Jones teaches an upper-level special education and inclusive practices course, SEIP 439: Secondary Methods in Special Education, in Centennial Hall.

full classroom of students all facing the front of the lecture hall

Scenes from a UEC 424: Inclusive Numeracy and Math class in Centennial Hall with Dr. David Peyton, assistant professor of special education and inclusive practices.

mix of gender students in a lecture room

Scenes from a SEIP 300: Inclusive Practices for Secondary Educators class with Dr. Karsten Powell, associate professor of special education and inclusive practices.

art student painting at an easel

A visual art student is deep in concentration on a November day when Chancellor Schmidt tours through Haas Fine Arts Center to catch up with the happenings in art & design.

graphic design student in class at a Mac computer

Sometimes art looks a lot like other disciplines, like this student at a computer in graphic design class with Steven Korinek, assistant professor of art & design.

Students in acting class

Scenes from an Acting 1 class with acting instructor Elizabeth Tanner in a Pablo Center classroom.

Theatre students doing some physical acting activity, one with hands above head and standing on one foot.

Students actively participate in a Theater 330 class with Arthur Grothe, associate professor of theatre arts, in a Pablo Center classroom.

faculty member in suit coat and tie among seated students in a computer science class

A little one-on-one explanation for a student in a computer science course with Dr. Benjamin Fine, assistant professor of computer science.

Students in a bright classroom seated at tables, instructor standing next to one group of 4.

Language classes are all about conversation, like this 300-level French class focused on pronunciation with Dr. Jessica Miller, professor of French.

student director in a music class, laughing

Dr. Frank Ticheli was a visiting artist-in-residence this fall, working with music education Blugolds like this student conductor in the Haas Fine Arts Center.