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College of Business launches career mentoring program for students

| Carrie Ottum

On Monday, February 13th, the College of Business (COB) hosted a kick-off event for the new Career Advising + Mentoring (CAM) program. It aims to build a career network between UW-Eau Claire COB undergraduates and alumni who have graduated within the last 10 years.

UW-Eau Claire alumni provided tips, advice, and insight on how to build a career network and develop hard and soft skills employers value during the panel discussion. 

"When I was a student at UWEC, I noticed how helpful alumni and other community leaders were with their positions and within their industry," says Kaylie Bernard '20, double majored in finance and operations and supply chain management. 

"I am very excited to be able to have that same opportunity and be able to give career advice, coach through interviews, or even review resumes and job applications."

Students interested in participating in the CAM program can complete the online form or contact Carrie Ottum

About the Career Advising + Mentoring (CAM) program

CAM is a mentorship program that includes one-time or short-term opportunities for mentees who are exploring multiple industries, preparing for interviews and researching employers, or searching to connect with alumnae mentors when traveling or moving to new cities. 

Why should I utilize this program?

  • Connect with alumni in their area of interest.
  • Build a career network before or after graduation.
  • Explore internship and career opportunities in the business field. 

How do I get connected with a mentor?
Students should review CAM Mentor Directory to identify 1-2 mentors that they'd like to connect with. Next, they should reach out to the mentor by calling or emailing to request a time to coordinate an initial conversation. Students can prepare for the initial meeting by referencing the Student/Mentee Guide.

What if I don't hear back from the mentor?
Contact the mentor again and provide multiple days and times they can get back to you. Also, if you reached out through e-mail, try giving them a call instead or vice versa. If you don't hear back after a second time, please contact a CAM Committee member.

CAM Mentor Directory