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NOTA Art Submission Night

| Casey Ryan

Get ready for another Art student publication event with NOTA! (aka: None of the Above)
NOTA is the only completely student-run, art, literature & music publication at UWEC. It is the 50th year of NOTA and the student editors want to make this semester's book one to remember. 

On March 7th, Art students kicked off the 50th edition with a special submission night for visual art at the Haas Fine Art Center.  Walking into that studio space at Haas Fine Art revealed a room filled with photographs, paintings, sculpture, ceramic, and illustrations on display for student jurying.

Charcoal Drawing

Students submit artwork in NOTA.

Ceramic students carted in their sculptures, paintings were hung on the wall, photos were framed and students were still coming to submit work. Each student was given a number for their art piece and then instructed to hang it on the wall, set it on a table or clip it onto a board. Once submissions were complete, students voted on what pieces should be included in NOTA’s book for this semester.
Look for the 50th NOTA publication coming soon!
See the NOTA Facebook page for more events.