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Student Support Services: What students are saying

Shaina Ducklow

Shaina Ducklow

Shaina Ducklow, senior, marketing

Before college I worried about many things like financial planning, picking the perfect major, advising, etc. When I was welcomed to join Student Support Services, I knew those worries would soon disappear.

One service I will never forget was the interest inventory test. I came into college completely lost and undecided on the career path I wanted to take. After receiving the test results, I confidently declared an undecided major in the College of Business. I was able to explore and eventually combined my passion for traveling and helping others, declaring a marketing major with a minor in international business. I will be forever grateful that this service pointed me in the right direction for a successful future.

I am also thankful to have an advisor within the SSS office. Having another opinion about my class schedule and career path has been very beneficial. SSS also has helped me financially through an SSS grant. This grant has allowed me to focus on getting involved in organizations, schoolwork, etc., and has lessened my worries about paying for school. Through SSS I have taken numerous seminars, like Professionalism 101. The seminars have expanded my knowledge in ways my classes cannot. The seminars and speakers also have allowed me to network and meet inspirational people. SSS has made an incredible impact on both my education and my life, providing me with experiences and knowledge I will keep with me forever.  

Mai Xe Lee, junior, nursing

The Student Support Services program has helped my education through study tips on how to improve my grades. The program has also helped me gain leadership opportunities such as joining the Student Support Services Advisory Board. Through SSS, I have also improved how I study with the five-day study plan, which encourages me to work hard. I have also utilized their tutoring services, which have helped improve my grades. The SSS program has also improved my involvement in college through offering tickets for shows, encouraging involvement and thinking ahead. By joining the program, I have had many resources available to me.

Ashlyn Roble

Ashlyn Roble

Ashlyn Roble, sophomore, psychology

My primary goal in life is to excel at any obstacle I may face. Student Support Services has helped me achieve this goal through easily accessible on-campus tutoring and additional guidance for first-generation college students.

I benefited the most from Student Support Services' general-education class. Crucial information about college, campus life and graduate school were taught exclusively to students within SSS, which helped me build a sense of individualism in a place that seemed so large to me. Simultaneously, being educated on this information also impacted my outlook on college. I was less intimidated by the future and felt more comfortable being part of the university community. In addition to attending this class twice a week, career conferences, mock interviews and other valuable workshops were also available to enhance my professional skills. Overall, SSS set my first year on the right track and will continue to be there as a support to ensure that I stay on the right track.