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Safer at Home: One student's experience

| Connor Miller

Let's face it, unless you have stock in, you're probably not a huge fan of this prolonged life-in-limbo we are collectively facing. We miss our Blugolds and are anxious to have all the birds back here in the nest. But "Safer at Home" is working to stop the spread of COVID-19, and in the meantime, we make do the best way we know how — together.

Feeling and staying connected to campus and to each other is more important than ever, and we thought it was time to check in for an update from the student side of social distance. Fellow Blugold Connor Miller provided us with a heartwarming and personal glimpse of getting through life in this crazy new reality.

Miller, a junior marketing major from Wausau, opens up about some of his difficulties under the current circumstances, a few good tips on how to maintain a healthy body and mind amid the stress, and a reminder that his Blugold family is only a few keyboard strokes away.

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