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Dairyland Swing


Saturday -December 7, 2019- Dairyland Swing Part I (UW-Whitewater)

Persuasion—6th place-Jacob Nieman (Senior)

Persuasion—2nd place-Elder Romero (Junior)

Dramatic Interpretation—7th place –Alison Metzen (First Year)

Dramatic Interpretation—5th place—Meghan Neu (Junior)

Communication Analysis—5th place—Alex Coleman (Junior)

Prose Interpretation—5th place--Elder Romero

After-Dinner Speaking—5th place—Meghan Neu

Poetry Interpretation—5th place –Jason Trzebiatowksi (First year)

Team Sweepstakes:  6th place-UWEC


Sunday -December 8, 2019--Dairyland Swing Part II (Moraine Valley Community College)

Persuasion— 4th place-Jacob Nieman

Persuasion—1st place-Elder Romero 

Dramatic Interpretation—5th place and top novice-Alison Metzen

Dramatic Interpretation—3rd place--Meghan Neu

Prose Interpretation—5th place --Elder Romero

After-Dinner Speaking—1st Place-Meghan Neu 

Poetry Interpretation—4th place and top novice-Jason Trzebiatowksi

Informative Speaking—7th—Meghan Neu

Team Sweepstakes:  3rd place