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Do you like speaking to large audiences, researching topics you're passionate about, and creating a legacy that will forever be remembered? Then joining our forensics team could be the perfect choice. With over 15 national titles, 32 state championships, and an amazing alumni support system, our program is one of the best in the nation.

You'll be a part of a co-curricular activity, gain various skills, and build lifelong friendships. Our members come from various backgrounds ranging from communication and journalism to theatre to computer science. No matter what your academic discipline is, we have a place for you on the forensics team.

While many of our members have a forensics background, we encourage any student interested to join, even if you’ve never competed at a forensics tournament before. We will coach, provide support, and help you reach your personal best while you’re on the team. So what do you have to say? We’re ready to hear you.

Coming into college, I knew I wanted to be an actuarial science major. At the same time, I had fallen in love with public speaking while on my high school’s speech team. When I actually got here, I decided, why not try both? By being a part of the UWEC Forensics team, you develop skills and experience that will set you apart from any other applicant out there in a math or science field. I can honestly say that forensics has changed my life, and I owe my current job and career path to being a part of the forensics family.

Alex Brown Actuarial Science

What we do

Topics we cover each year in our speeches vary. Through these topics our members get the chance to hone their research, writing, and speaking skills all while forming arguments on issues that are significant to their viewpoints or experiences. We have many different options for events and topics. Check out the Forensic Event Descriptions and find one that will be the right fit for you. See what some of our members have performed, as well as what some alumni have suggested.

  • A Persuasive speech asking for us to overcome the gender gap in medical treatment for women
  • An After-Dinner speech questioning the use of "gaydar"
  • Poetry program focused on the how hip hop can be part of the feminist movement
  • A Dramatic Duo honoring the Glorious Ladies of Wrestling
  • An Informative speech on Gay Nationalism
  • An Informative speech on a VOCO (technology that can make anyone say anything)
  • A Persuasive speech asking us to take postpartum depression seriously
  • An After-Dinner speech discussing professional politicians

Whatever you're passionate about, we encourage you to find what you want to say and say it! The topics are limitless and whether you choose to be silly or serious, your voice will be heard.

Forensics has been a crucial component of my education and growth here at UWEC. Each speech that I hear teaches me more about equity and advocacy. Constructing my own speeches has taught me more about researching, writing and communication than I thought was possible in an activity.

Taylor Turben Communication Sciences and Disorders
Forensics team receives awards

Forensics scholarships

Forensics is a lifelong connection and we are very fortunate to have generous donors who want to help our members be successful in their college journey. If you’re interested in a scholarship from us, check out what the requirements are.

Scholarship opportunities
Forensics students with multiple trophies

Tournament results

Our forensics season begins in fall and ends with Nationals in spring. We travel, check out the competition, and represent UWEC. We're proud of what we bring to every tournament and our results speak to the legacy of excellence.

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