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2019 English Department End-of-year Celebration

| Alaina Guns

The English department's End-of-Year Celebration was held on May 10, 2019 in the Dakota Ballroom of Davies Center. Here students were honored for their hard work and scholarship awards and faculty, alumni, and donors were celebrated. Listed below are the recipients of the 2019-20 scholarship awards and the department's outstanding seniors.

English Department Outstanding Seniors
Courtney Pagel (+ Honors)
Hannah Apold
Lauren Hovde
Brianna Kosmer
Hannah Metry
Alyssa Plano
Paige Sprink

Lund Family Scholarship for Writing Center Student Employees
Maria Lynch

Dave and Ruth Wood English Scholarship
Darien Olson

Clara B. Small Memorial English Scholarship
Michelle Iberg

Gloria Hochstein English Opportunity Fund
Mackenzie Shay

Nadine St. Louis Creative Writing Scholarship
Rebecca Mennecke “The Wordsmith”

Jane Colville Betts English Scholarship
Reonna Huettner

Maurice & Alma Swan Teacher Education Scholarship
Emily Kassera

Elizabeth G. Morris Scholarship
Emily Kassera
Hannah Metry

John W. Morris Scholarship
Madeline Mortimer

Kirkwood Poetry Award
Second Prize: Nicole Abbott “Persephone”
First Prize: Ruth Thompson “Sonnet for the Maine Shoreline”

Nan Dougherty English Education Scholarship
Maria Lynch

Les Gilbertson Scholarship
Reonna Huettner
Casper Crump

Grace Shipley Memorial Scholarship
Maria Lynch

Passion for Reading and Writing I
Rachel Davies
Autumn Cernohous

Passion for Reading and Writing II
Maria Lynch