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Tim Ruzek: 2002 Devroy Fellow

Excitement and anxiety filled me on my way to D.C. I was a small-town, southern Minnesotan heading to a three-week venture in a major U.S. city to work at one of the nation's biggest newspapers.

My fellowship was amazing and unforgettable thanks to my hosts and The Post staff. It was a journalism and history geek's dream come true, seeing famous D.C. sites, big-wig reporters and journalists and President Bush at the White House.

I think about my time there quite often. With snow and frigid temps, though, you could say I'm still bitter I didn't have the so-called mild D.C. winter for my walk to the subway and work. But, in seriousness, I always will be grateful to UW-Eau Claire, The Post and Ann Devroy's family for the opportunity.