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Hoyman and Scharenbroch named 2022 Outstanding Business Communication Students

| Carrie Ottum

Each academic year, the Business Communication Department faculty and staff choose a student for the Outstanding Business Communication Award. This year, Maddie Hoyman and Amber Scharenbroch, two outstanding graduating seniors, were chosen for the prestigious award for the 2021-2022 year. 

Hoyman, from De Pere, WI, is graduating with degrees in marketing and Spanish. 

Scharenbroch, a Kimberley, WI native, is receiving a degree in business administration and an advanced business communication certificate. 

The Outstanding Business Communication Student Award is presented annually to a senior who demonstrates excellent oral, written, and interpersonal skills; has achieved high grades in business communication courses, and has completed (or is in the process of completing) the Advanced Business Communication Certificate.

"Amber is enthusiastic and passionate about effective business communication. Her great attitude about learning and communication is infectious. Her dedication to excellence carries over into all that she does. She is an individual who cares deeply about others and works to make certain all voices are heard," says Jane Strong, associate lecturer in the business communication program. 

"She is an insightful communicator who can make big picture connections. Amber has been a shining star in all her business communication courses here at UWEC." 

Dr. Paula Lentz, business communication program director and professor, attended Scharenbroch's presentation at the Provost's Honors Symposium and was impressed with the way she represented herself and the business communication program.

"She is smart, articulate, and an excellent problem solver," says Lentz. 

Strong shares Maddie is an excellent communicator who delivers with confidence, authenticity, and polish. Her inquisitiveness and growth-minded attitude are always evident in the classroom where she asks great questions and works to continuously improve her communication skills.

"She exhibits her strong business communication acumen informal presentations and within informal group situations. Maddie's instructional communication skills are exemplary. When she presents, she always has something to teach her audience. This ability is a unique characteristic of her communication style which she has developed through hard work and dedication to excellence."

Lentz says Hoyman embodies the best of everything.

"Whether she is in a class-based team project or working as a consultant in the Business Writing and Presentations Studio, she draws on her communication skills and leadership qualities not just to do her own excellent work but to help others be at their best, too. Everything she does comes from a good place, and I think that shows in her communication and in her interactions with others."

Recipients received a certificate and their names placed on the plaque in the Business Writing and Presentations Studio with previous years’ winners.