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Fiedler recognized as 2020 Emerging Leader

| Carrie Ottum

Holly Fiedler, a junior University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire health care administration major from Grantsburg, WI, was named the 2020 College of Business Emerging Leader. 

Fiedler fell in love with the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire campus on her first tour and knew it was the perfect fit for her. Originally a biology major, a close friend suggested she look into the health care administration program. After doing more research about the HCAD program, she realized the mix of business and healthcare was the profession she wanted to pursue. 

Fiedler did not hesitate to get involved in the American College of Health Care Administration (ACHCA) student organization on campus. Through ACHCA, she participates in bi-monthly meetings, various socials and fundraisers, and volunteers at community events. She works as a professor assistant for Dr. Nancy Hanson-Rasmussen and was also the student assistant for the management and marketing department since her freshman year. 

"She was always very detailed, focused, asked very few questions and honestly, I don’t remember her ever making any errors in her work," says Dawn Dock, marketing and management academic department associate. "She will definitely be hard to replace."

This June, Fiedler will begin a year-long practicum at her top choice, Friendship Village of Bloomington in Bloomington, MN. She wants to continually push herself out of her comfort zone during the practicum. 

Fiedler says, "I believe that in doing so, that’s how I will continue to grow as a leader. I also plan to soak up as much information as possible throughout my time at Friendship Village, that way, I can take what I’ve learned and continue to grow that knowledge as my career advances."

She plans on preparing to take the National Association of Long-Term Care Administrator Boards next spring. After successfully passing the NAB exam, she would like to get offered a position as an administrator or assistant administrator in a skilled nursing facility in either Wisconsin or Minnesota. 

Fiedler feels honored to receive the prestigious award. "It’s very gratifying to be recognized for the hard work I’ve put in during my time at UWEC and I am immensely honored to have been chosen by the professors as the recipient of this award," says Fiedler. "This award also has encouraged me to keep looking forward to my future and to continue to work hard toward my goals."

Not only did she find a future career she is passionate about, but she also found life-long friendships at UW-Eau Claire. She says her biggest influences have been her three roommates Callie, Sophia, and Ella.

'I feel blessed to have three roommates who continually encourage one another and help each other through hard times. I can’t imagine my college career without these girls in my corner."

Fielder wants incoming students to know it will take time to get adjusted to college life, but eventually, it will happen. 

"My advice for incoming students would be don’t expect to feel comfortable the first semester," Fiedler shared. "Going to college is a big change in your life and it’s okay to not feel adjusted. Even though it’s cliché, remember everyone is in the same boat and try not to compare yourself to people who look like they have it figured out, you’ll get there too."

The Emerging Leader award is presented to a current business student who is not graduating in 2020 and who has shown early leadership and potential for success. Students were nominated for this award by College of Business faculty and staff.