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BSN Completion Degree Details

Take the next step to reach your goals

Completing your BSN degree is exciting and challenging, so get ready to take that next step! Your course requirements and all the details you'll need to reach your goal are listed below.

UW-Eau Claire BSN Completion Requirements

Students who declare UW-Eau Claire as their home institution must fulfill the following requirements:

120 Total Credits
- Liberal Education
- 60 credits-Nursing
- 60 credits

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Liberal Education Requirements 60 CREDITS
Key: K=Knowledge, S=Skills, R-Responsibility, IL= Integration  
Writing/English Composition 5-6 credits
Cultural Diversity/Design for Diversity (DD) 3 credits
Statistics 3-4 credits
Biochemistry 3 credits
K1. Natural Sciences with Lab 2 experiences/courses
K2. Social Sciences (PSYC 100, PSYC 230) 2 experiences/courses
K3. Humanities 2 experiences/courses
K4. Fine Arts 1 experience/course
S1. Communication (WRIT 116 or 120) 2 experiences/courses
S2. Mathematics (STATISTICS) 1 experience/course
S3. Creativity (CND 480) 1 experience/course
R1. Equity, Diversity, & Inclusivity (PSYC 230, DD) 2 experiences/courses
R2. Global Perspectives 1 experience
R3. Civic & Environmental Issues 1 experience
IL1. Integration (CND 480) 2 experiences/courses


Nursing Requirements 60 Credits
*Core courses taken via BSN@Home  
***CND 310 Bridge to Professional Nursing 2 credits
*CND 407 Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice 3 credits
*CND 441 Chronic Care Management 3 credits
*CND 446 Research & Evidence-Based Practice 3 credits
*CND 447 Leadership & Management 3 credits
*CND 453 Information Management & Healthcare Technology 3 credits
*CND 454 Community Health Nursing 3 credits
Nursing Electives (upper division) 6 credits
CND 480 Nursing within Systems: Analysis & Application,Capstone Clinical Course 4 credits
***Prior nursing credits confirmed upon completion of CND 310 30 credit

Other helpful information

  • Six core* nursing courses (18 credits) and upper division nursing electives (6 credits) are offered online. Each core course originates from one of the six participating universities.
  • Students are expected to attend CND 310 offered the first semester and the capstone course CND 480 offered the last semester on campus at UW-Eau Claire (or the Marshfield site when available).
  • Nursing electives are offered on a rotating basis.
  • The clinical component of the capstone course can usually be arranged near the student's place of residence.
  • Nursing application deadlines are October 1st, November 1st, March 1st, April 1st and June 1st and applicants must be either currently enrolled students at UW-Eau Claire or admitted to a future term at UW-Eau Claire.
  • Students accepted into the program must have a Wisconsin RN license by a designated deadline determined at the time of admission.

Please contact Dr. Catherine (Kitty) Kenney,, 715-836-3638 for further information.

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