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The Living Learning Community: Honors Beyond the Classroom

| Rosa Gomez

The Honors Living Learning Community—located in Bridgman Hall—truly lives up to its name: a community.

The LLC gives students a space to be surrounded by like-minded individuals and opportunities to make connections. From social events, to study groups, to overall camaraderie, there is something for everyone in this dynamic community. 

Fourth-year biology and psychology student, Tyler Warwick-Mick, is one of the LLC’s resident assistants (RAs).

“I’ve been an Honors Living Learning Programmer since my first year and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it,” they said. “When I was hired as an RA last spring, I decided to continue my involvement in the LLC.”

Keith Van Dornick, also an Honors LLC resident assistant, said that one of his main goals is to help residents feel that they belong. The second-year comprehensive music education student said one of the most rewarding moments throughout his involvement has been helping students find common goals and interests.

Tyler Warwick-Mick and Keith Van Dornick lead an activity
Tyler and Keith

Honors LLC RAs Keith Van Dornick and Tyler Warwick-Mick

This fulfilling experience is something that Warwick-Mick says holds to be true for them too. “I think a really rewarding moment for me is when LLC members feel comfortable enough to come to me as a friend to ask questions,” they said. “It’s really rewarding for me to know that my residents feel they can come to me for guidance and help.”

This sort of environment fosters a safe space for first-year honors students to get involved, expand their worldview, and create worthwhile connections.

Dylan Berry, a first-year honors biomedical engineering student, said he joined the LLC because he saw it as an opportunity to get to know more people and be involved in a group on campus. Berry said he has been able to meet friends in his classes because of his LLC connections, but it has also been a way for him to seek out advice from older students in the Honors Program. Because of this experience, he said he could see himself assuming a mentorship role in the future. 

The community also helps students maintain a healthy balance between school and fun, Warwick-Mick said. “The Honors LLC is a great community for students to start making connections with others; it gives students the opportunity to find like-minded academic people, but is also to take a break from studying and have fun,” they said. “It’s important to find that balance in college, and sometimes it’s hard to find it on your own.”

Having a “close-knit community” inside of your living space helps residents form these valuable connections, Van Dornick said. This year, Honors LLC residents have gathered for events ranging from a Powerpoint night, to pizza with Honors Director Heather Fielding, to a Harry Potter Evening.

When asked about their advice for prospective UWEC honors students, both LLC RAs encouraged students to get involved, take a chance on the community, and seek out new experiences. 

Incoming students can learn more about living in the Honors Living Learning Community here!