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Honors Program December 2019 Graduates

| Clare McCarty

The hard work and countless hours of studying has paid off for 36 University Honors graduates walking in commencement on December 21st. Gold medallions will be presented to students at the University Honors Graduation Ceremony & Reception on Friday, December 20th, at 5:30 in Woodland Theater, Davies Center.  These graduates from a range of disciplines and representing all 4 colleges have earned their Honors distinction by maintaining a 3.5 GPA and completing 26 credits of Honors coursework. While we are saddened to see these 36 bright young people leave our Honors Program, we are excited to see where their paths will take them. Congratulations graduates and always remember you have a place here in the University Honors Program.

If you have a memory, narrative, or comment to share with our graduates, we invite you to share them!


Amy Aakhus | Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

Cailyn Alexander | Kinesiology-Human Performance, Pre-Professional

Ryan Baemmert | Computer Science

Natalie Barry | Chemistry + Mathematics Minor, French Proficiency Certificate

Emily Billingsley | Nursing + Spanish for Business Professionals

Sarah Binning | Social Work

Sarah Campbell | Business Finance + Accounting

Elise Chapin | Economics + Spanish

Kyra Coppinger | Biology + Pre-Professional Health Science Minor, American Sign Language Certificate

Shannon Czaplinski | Accounting + Information Systems & Business Finance Minors

Makena Easker | Psychology + Spanish Minor

Sarah Ericson | Computer Science-Software Engineering + Math Minor

Katlin Hahn | Psychology + Spanish and Women, Gender & Sexuality Minors

William Johnson | Computer Science-Software Engineering + Mathematics-Actuarial Science Minor

Erica Jones | Journalism + Political Science Minor

Jessica King | Biology + Pre-Professional Health Science Minor

Sierra Kleist | Biology-Microbiology+ Spanish Minor

Zachary Kosel | Geography + Japanese Minor

Katherine Lane | Music Education-Instrumental

Erin Mayer | Communication Sciences & Disorders + American Sign Language Certificate

Thu McKenzie | Biology + Chemistry Minor, American Sign Language Certificate

Kallie Medenwald | Communication Sciences & Disorders + American Sign Language & Social Work-Child Welfare Certificates

Hannah Metry | History Education

Bryce Mohr | Language Arts Communication Studies + English-Critical Studies in Literature Minor

Gavin Nardi | Biology + Geography Minor

Trung Nguyen | Accounting + Business Economics, Business Finance Minor

Matthew Peterson | Kinesiology-Human Performance Pre-Professional

Austin Preece | Business Finance + Spanish Minor

Melany Puser | Chemistry + Mathematics Minor

Kelsey Redman | Kinesiology-Human Performance Pre-Professional

Eric Reetz | Biology + Spanish for Health Professionals Minor

Lindsay Schafer | Nursing

Lauren Siegesmund | Criminal Justice + Psychology-Behavior Analysis

Shawna Stoll | Management + Information Systems Minor

Becca Thomas | Nursing + German

Becca Wickler | Nursing