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Honors Graduates 1993-1994

Boda, Dennis Paul - Business Finance 
Bodeau, Andrea W. - Soc. St. Brdfld-Tch/Hist 
Chumbley, Keri L. - Accounting, Sequence A 
Crowley, Marie Birgitta - Economics, Liberal Arts
Ford, Jennifer Ann - Economics, Business 
Hildebrandt, Nicole Gougeon - Psychology, Liberal Arts 
Hodgson, Erik R. - English, Liberal Arts 
Horbinski, Thomas Richard - English, Liberal Arts 
Johnson, Molly Cathleen - Biology, General LA 
Jordan, Elizabeth Anne - Phy Ed, Corp Exercise Mgt 
Kalsow, Dawn Martha - Psychology, Liberal Arts 
Leary, John P. - History, Liberal Arts 
Lebal, Debbie - Accounting, Sequence A 
Mades, Lana Jean - Political Science, LA 
Mahan-Carbajal, Robin Lea - Phy Ed, Corp Exercise Mgt 
Maricque, Carolyn A. - Accounting, Sequence A 
Mehls, Kirstin Dara - Accounting, Sequence A 
Miller, Stephanie Lynn - Business Finance 
Murray, Gregory D. - Political Science, LA 
Neubauer, Ann Francine - Psychology, Liberal Arts 
Ofsdahl, David Arthur - Accounting, Sequence A 
Peck, Julie Lynn - Accounting, Sequence A 
Rogalsky, Jennifer Lynn - Geography, Resource Mgmt 
Rowe, Matthew Daniel - English, Liberal Arts 
Runnheim, Kristin M. - Biochem/Molecular Biology 
Schmidt, Valerie Lynn - Mathematics, Stat Emph 
Schultz, Dawn Renee - Spanish, Lib Arts 
Skupas, Danielle Payne - Spanish, Lib Arts 
Stolpa, Jennifer Marie - English, Liberal Arts 
Watson Jr., Peter - Political Science, LA