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UW-Eau Claire launches new mobile app for student involvement


New and returning students at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire this fall will have a new organizational tool literally at their fingertips starting Sept. 1.

The new mobile and desktop application Blugold Connect+ was created to provide more of a “one-stop shop” for making connections on campus. The highly intuitive, multipurpose student experience app/platform will maximize ways for students to get connected prior to arriving on campus, throughout their college journey and beyond.

A major component of Blugold Connect+ will be a consolidation of student organization information, events and communication channels. Personnel and students in multiple event and service-related units on campus have spent several months fine-tuning the merging functionality of past platforms into this more seamless experience for users.

“Partnering with UW-Eau Claire students has been instrumental in bringing the new Blugold Connect+ system to fruition,” says Sara Thommesen, senior coordinator of engagement in Activities, Involvement and Leadership (AIL).

“This highly customizable, robust online engagement app and platform are sure to enhance communications across campus and move us closer to improved ways of connecting with the campus community as a whole.”

From the valuable perspective of student usability, Activities, Involvement and Leadership summer intern Emma Packard has played a key role in building out the app functionality and will continue working with students and campus stakeholders this fall as Blugold students are introduced to the system.

“Blugold Connect+ is an amazing tool for students to see what events are going on around campus, to communicate with organizations and to access available resources,” says the junior integrated strategic communication major from Antigo.

The investment in this consolidation of resources has been money well spent, according Grace Crickette, vice chancellor for finance and administration.

“The launch of the Blugold Connect+ application will provide a great experience for our students,” Crickette says. “It is also an example of how the university is focused on efficiency, as over time Blugold Connect+ will reduce the need for multiple platforms with similar goals.”

What users can expect to find in Blugold Connect+

The following list offers some of the many functions and uses students will access through Blugold Connect+:

  • A “one-stop shop” campus app hub where students can easily locate the various campuswide apps being offered to them, including both academic and student services apps.
  • A centralized events calendar.
  • Search and connect with more than 200 student clubs and organizations, and join options via the mobile app.
  • Chat and push notifications allow for easier communication with all students or to targeted populations.
  • Students and staff can check in to events via their own personalized QR code from their mobile device.
  • Clubs and organizations as well as departments and offices can manage their group from their own dashboard via the mobile app.
  • Synchronized meeting scheduler to allow others to book meetings with you (without seeing your personal calendar) as well as social network feeds with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.
  • Students can track their involvement and create a co-curricular transcript to share with potential future employers.
  • A campuswide directory allowing students to easily find and connect with their peers, access information and chat with one another. A “user matching” feature connects students who share the same interests. Students can also link their profiles and sync their resumes with LinkedIn.
  • A customized, curated feed can be personalized to every user, highlighting content from their own individual groups, events or any content they’ve subscribed to.
  • Find service and volunteer opportunities and track hours to include on co-curricular transcripts.
  • Alumni can engage with the campus community for networking, jobs, events, fundraising and more.
  • New student online orientation immersive experience — coming in 2023.

The Blugold Connect+ app is available to download through the mobile App Store (Google Play coming soon), and many incoming Blugolds have already started using the app after attending their Blugold Experience Days.

All Blugolds are encouraged to start exploring the many functions of the app and get acquainted with this useful new tool before the start of classes in September.

For questions about Blugold Connect+, contact Activities, Involvement and Leadership at or 715-836-4833.