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Languages Chair's Corner: Fall 2021

| Alaina Guns

Chair’s Corner: Newsletter Fall 2021:

To all our friends and colleagues, students and alumni,

Oh, how things change – or do not change, in some cases unfortunately. Last Spring in preparing Fall classes the operating assumption was that we would be back to “normal” by now; it’s no surprise now that the Delta variant put a severe crimp in those plans. While courses and classrooms are closer to regular capacity these days, wearing masks in the classroom continues to pose challenges – especially when teaching languages! Thus, I reiterate with ongoing appreciation and gratitude the enormous commitments in time, energy, and dedication of our instructors and staff as we continue to deal not only with covid-related challenges but also those presented by ever-shifting dynamics in higher ed.

Our department gradually gets grayer, and we persist in the hope that we will be able to hire more faculty soon. We had another retirement last Spring. Dr. Martina Lindseth has retired after 20+ years of teaching at this university. She is missed by colleagues and students, but we wish her and her husband Tom the best with their new freedom.

Enjoy this newsletter filled with interesting updates on Languages students, faculty, and alumni – note in particular our current Fulbright winners (faculty and recent alumni), along with a myriad of other interesting projects, activities, and achievements. Also, as always, please keep us posted on your own doings, we love to hear about what is going on with Languages alumni after your time at UWEC. Likewise, we appreciate our alumni and friends’ continued interest in, and support of, our efforts.

Our continued best wishes that you and yours remain well, safe, and healthy.

Best wishes,

Matt Waters, Chair, Department of Languages