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Wells receives 2020 Student Organization Advisor Award

| Carrie Ottum

Each year the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Alumni Association, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Foundation, and the University Centers recognize outstanding achievements in areas that demonstrate the core values of UW-Eau Claire.

Students are encouraged to nominate student organization advisors for the Student Organization Advisor Award. This year, Terry Wells, APICS faculty advisor and senior lecturer of management and marketing, was the proud recipient of the 2020 Student Organization Advisor Award.  

Wells has been the faculty advisor for The Association for Operations Management (APICS) student organization for the past 27 years, succeeding Harvey Gunderson. 

Carrie Ottum, Outreach Program Manager, interviewed Terry Wells to learn more about the outstanding achievement. 

CO: In the 27 years as APICS advisor, what has been the most memorable experience? 
TW: It is hard to pinpoint one most memorable moment, but one of the highlights was the APICS alumni dinner two years ago. Over 125 people attended the dinner and we also celebrated my 25th year as an advisor. It actually was an entire weekend of fun with Jazz Fest on Friday night, River Bend Winery early afternoon, pre-party at my home, dinner at the Lismore and then out downtown after that. Some alumni even met for breakfast the next morning.

CO: Will the alumni dinner be held this year?
TW: No, it was sad when we had to cancel our annual alumni dinner this spring. However, I was able to put together twelve groups of alums for twelve Facebook chats over that weekend. 

CO: What do you enjoy most about being a student organization advisor?
TW: It is a wonderful opportunity to watch the growth and achievements of the students and alumni, especially when they join the student organization as a freshman. Achievements like internships, case competitions, first jobs, weddings, children, and promotions. 

CO: Why should students join a student organization like APICS?
TW: By joining a student org, students are able to experience opportunities they might not get in the classroom such as listening to guest speakers, going on tours, and participating in case competitions. Other benefits include networking with alumni, attending conferences, leadership opportunities, and making new friends.

Erik Ohlhues, APICS student chapter president, spoke about Wells being recognized as the top student organization advisor. 

CO: As APICS president, what does it mean for the student organization that Terry received this award?
EO: There is no one more deserving of this award than Terry Wells.  All of the students involved in APICS know how much Terry brings to the table as our advisor and it is very exciting that she has been recognized by the university.  Terry genuinely cares about each and every one of us, and does everything that she can to contribute to our success.

CO: How does Terry lead the student organization as the advisor and add to the experience of being a member?
EO: Terry has been the advisor of APICS for over 25 years. She has given us her full support by attending every event that she can, and by utilizing her extensive network to assist in setting up tours, guest speakers, and even to help students find internships and jobs. Terry’s reputation and the effort she has put forth has opened many doors for students, as well as the organization itself.  Her enthusiasm and dedication to the chapter adds a lot to the experience of being a member and is a big part of what has differentiated us. 

CO: What do you feel has been the biggest accomplishment for APICS since you have been a member?
EO: Our biggest accomplishment has been maintaining our platinum status.  We are one of six APICS student chapters across the nation that are at the platinum status award level.  To achieve an award, student chapters must go above and beyond the annually required Student Chapter Minimum Standards with outstanding performance in administration, education, programs, membership, and public relations efforts. The four award levels are bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.  Platinum is awarded after gold status is achieved for five consecutive years. APICS has achieved the gold status for more than 15 consecutive years.  This semester has been cut short and, like other organizations, we had to cancel a lot of events.  Due to how active we were in the fall semester, we still met all the requirements for the gold award level, maintaining our platinum status.  Without such an outstanding advisor, this would not have been possible.

Congratulations to Terry Wells, Erik Ohlhues, and the UW-Eau Claire APICS student chapter on an incredibly successful year! 

If you're interested in joining APICS, contact Terry Wells or Erik Ohlhues. Visit the APICS website to learn about all the opportunities available to members.