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UW-Eau Claire wins Deloitte competition

| Carrie Ottum

For the second consecutive year, a team of UW-Eau Claire College of Business students were winners of the Deloitte Audit Case Competition. The team included Caleb Brauer, Anna Guetter, Isabelle Lang, and Martin Moioffer. Dr. Bill Miller, professor of accounting, was the team's faculty mentor.

During the competition, each school team receives a distinct case to analyze, research, solve, and present their findings through role-play as a Deloitte Audit Team. The UW-Eau Claire team's case revolved around Asset Retirement Obligations surrounding a client’s warehouses which contained asbestos. The students offered recommendations to the client on the appropriate accounting, reporting, and disclosure methods for the issue.

"This is the second in a row that we have won this competition," shared Dr. Miller. "It says a lot about the quality of these students." 

Other participating teams represented Augsburg University, Bethel College, Concordia University, Gustavus University, and Luther College.